At Dank's we strive to bring you the best products responsibly, not at the cost of the consumer or Mother Nature. We manufacture without using toxic or synthetic chemicals and our facilities create zero pollution. At our modern, eco-friendly "green" paper mill, sustainably sourced fiber is transformed into CannaWraps Rolling Paper. Production at this facility does not pollute the environment and it is powered by zero-emission, renewable energy sources. The farms which supply our raw materials do not replace forest land. They are strictly regulated, managed, and grow according to the most advanced sustainable practices. Rest assured, workers all receive fair wages and excellent benefits. 


We support and directly promote the farming of organic industrial hemp. The cultivation of hemp inherently provides a variety of benefits - environmental, economic, medical, and more.

Hemp grows nearly everywhere on Earth. Hemp crops can require little / no irrigation or pesticides. It is fast growing, allowing several crops from the same plot of land. It's also a great rotation crop, as it prepares the soil and clears fields of weeds and pests. Many other crops are grown for just a specific part of the plant while the rest is discarded. Every single part of the hemp plant is useful. Products as diverse as fuel, medicines, biodegradable plastics, animal feed, concrete, and even super-conductors can be derived from hemp. Cultivating industrial hemp can help reduce our dependance on petroleum, pharmaceuticals and other non-renewable, toxic resources. 

Did you know that Hemp Concrete is a Super Green building material?! By mixing hemp concrete, a chemical reaction occurs that actually fixes free carbon from the atmosphere. It's lighter then concrete, reducing fuel consumption and shipping costs. A solid wall made of hemp concrete has structural and thermal properties that can replace several layers of other building materials, such as insulation and drywall. It has plastic / flexible properties that absorb shock and resist cracking in earthquakes. It's strong, light, renewable, and as proven by millennia old Roman ruins, it's pretty durable too. 

Hemp plastic is a much newer invention. Like regular plastic, it is versatile, durable, and attractive. Unlike regular plastic however, future generations will likely never see our hemp plastic artifacts. Hemp plastic biodegrades much faster than normal plastic. Don't let this lead you to believe hemp plastic is limited, expensive, and difficult to work with or obtain. Hemp plastic can be formulated for a variety of applications. Hemp plastic pellets are injection-moldable and can replace many traditional plastic products using existing manufacturing infrastructure.

​At Dank's Industries we put a strong emphasis on innovation. Our research and development team is constantly working on new products and better solutions. With help from you, there can be zero waste. By purchasing responsibly made products such as CannaWraps, you are promoting an environmentally aware approach. You are helping to combat non-renewable, toxic industries with new ideas and better materials. 

Dank's Industries also supports a growing community. Whether it's promoting the hemp industry, a local artist or sponsoring an event, we believe it's important to be active and involved. If you're an artist, activist, business person, or just have an idea, we encourage you to Contact Us!   

Dank's Industries was founded 2011 in Los Angeles, CA.