CBD For The People

CBD For The People

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CBD For The People named themselves after their core mission: The People. Dedicated to offering all-natural, healing CBD products at an affordable price, CBD For The People bridges the gap between patient and medicine. They believe every person should be able to grow cannabis as medicine in their backyard, but as these are confusing times, CBD For The People puts this great medicine in the people’s hands. CBD For The People’s organically crafted CBD tinctures offer high-dosage relief for a fraction of the cost, and everything from seed to sale is done to take care of the people, first and foremost. 

The founders of CBD For The People began their work in February 2017, after years of service working in the cannabis industry from deliveries to larger CBD organizations. As they worked, they were shocked at the immense price differences in CBD products compared to THC and disdained the greed of companies charging nearly astronomically high prices for even small dose products. Committed to fighting this system, they started CBD For The People to offer patients a high mg CBD medicine they could afford. They always prioritize their patients, and everything they do centers around offering the cleanest possible CBD product at the most affordable prices. 

CBD For The People crafts their products alongside their raw, natural and vegan-centered philosophies. All of their cannabis flowers and oils are organically and sustainably sourced, clean of pesticides, and never infused with artificial flavors or chemicals. They mix their Amsterdam-sourced CO2-extracted CBD oil with organic MCT coconut oil, offering a delicious tea-like taste that’s then infused with raw fruit and flavor extracts. Traceable from seed to shelf, CBD For The People’s tinctures are free of microbes, pesticides, residual solvents and heavy metals, offering the raw benefits of the healing cannabis plant solely.

Catering to patient palettes of varied tastes, CBD For The People's high potency and delicious tinctures are available in a range of milligram dosages and flavors, all while keeping their prices as affordable as possible. Their labels offer options with and without a cannabis leaf, allowing for discreet medication when the need arises. Available in 10ml, 15ml, and 30ml sizes, CBD For The People’s dosings range from 200 mg to 3100 mg per bottle, flavored with natural ingredients such as Raw Orange, Raw Lemon, and Raw Peppermint.

CBD For The People deeply cares about the quality of their tinctures, lab testing each batch of their cannabis products to ensure they offer the best possible medicine to their valued patients. Working with SC Labs and other California-based laboratories, CBD FTP checks for a full spectrum test of terpenoids, residual solvents, pesticides, microbiological contaminants, and potency. 

As a pure CBD product, CBD For The People’s tinctures distribute to suffering patients across the United States, as well in featured Southern California dispensaries. Locals can check out their tinctures at OC3, Hempire Meds, Six- Star, Mesa and many more, and CBD FTP looks forward to growing their circle to offer patients everywhere affordable, organic CBD medicine.