Coco Extracts

Coco Extracts

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From the Coco family soil to the Canna family oil Coco Extracts is the wax specialist that uses nug run flowers to extract closed loop, transparent, high-quality cannabis extracts. With the understanding that pharmaceuticals often result in additions that further harm the patient, Coco Extracts is committed to closing the gap between holistic relief and Michigan medical marijuana patients. They are proud to claim that their packaging does not supersede their product, their founder stating, “The package is not a distraction, it’s a guarantee.” Ounces that would typically sell as flowers are devoted to extraction, to produce the best marijuana concentrates for their Michigan patients. 

Coco Extracts is an actual mom and pop marijuana brand; comprising of husband, wife, and their son. Each family member brings their level of passion and expertise to the table, with the adorable cannabis couple as the growers and their son as extractor.

Coco Extracts is a small, family-style cannabusiness with commercial-grade expertise. Their decades of dedication to learning about the agricultural aspects of marijuana have proven to yield incredible grows and phenomenal wax. Coco Extracts began two years ago in November of 2015, but the couple who head the farm have been part of cannabis between 25 to 30 years. Dad of Coco Extracts was raised on a farm and found marijuana to be intriguing due to its healing properties and euphoric effects. The same interest followed in their son, and their family works together to offer the cannabis community an alternative method to relief. Marijuana brought the Coco family together, and they are grateful to be part of a movement that brings help and healing to patients in need of alternative medicine. 

Coco Extracts wax is a 70:30 Blend of BHO to PHO, extracted with the MK4c Terpenator offering the most superior yields. Some patient and customer favorites from Coco Extracts is their Super Tangie concentrate, which provides a clean, refreshing smoke with a burst of euphoria. Coco Extracts’ Diesel concentrate has been the same cut for the past 16 years and is the oldest on the farm. Process: The Coco family cannabis farm devotes 90% of their crop to extraction, and breeds for competitions. Their closed loop extraction methods mean no mystery oil; their in-house extraction has all of the correct equipment to craft the top quality concentrates. 

Every Coco Extracts concentrate is lab tested to ensure the utmost quality and transparency for patients and customers. Coco Extracts concentrates consistently test between 70 to 83% THC, and they also screen for terpene levels. Coco Extracts is proud to have a perfect record; they have never gotten results back testing positive for mold, pesticides, residuals, and fungus.

Coco Extracts is happily based in Michigan and is delighted to distribute throughout the state including the Detroit, Genesee County, Ann Arbor and Lansing area.