Crooks Organiks

Crooks Organiks

4.6 ★

Renowned cultivist Rich Ninjas, has recently partnered up with renowned clothing brand Crooks & Castles to create a line of products launching in the Cannabis Industry.  A full merchandised line including flower, oils, pens, accessories has been created and branded in true C&C fashion.  A wide variety of unique strains specially crafted by Rich Ninjas packaged in a luxury format are set to hit dispensaries everywhere.  

Crooks & Cookies is the first strain crafted by the partnership and will become the hallmark of the Crooks Organiks product line. After it’s first week of testing it immediately become the Number 1 seller amongst all other strains on the shelf.   

More Core Strains with clever branding are currently in the works and the team promise to make each one as popular if not more than it’s predecessor.   

Aside from the Cannabis products, an apparel and accessories merch line is in the works, launching Q2 of 2018. The combined efforts of the team are extremely thrilled to say the least about the products launching and what more they have planned to release! Stay Tuned.