Deez Dabz

Deez Dabz

For the sick and broken, by the sick and broken.

If you’re looking for  a concentrate free of solvents and crafted with care, then Deez are the Dabz for you. Deez Dabz is a veteran-founded cannabusiness dedicated to providing medical cannabis patients safe and effective rosin extractions. The founder’s goal is to craft a safe alternative to pharmaceutical medication and shine a light on the benefits of cannabis as alternative medicine. As a cannabis patient and veteran, Deez Dabz’ founder understands the challenge of overcoming the stigmatization attached to cannabis therapies. But with a dedication to his craft and patience for those still discovering what cannabis can provide, Deez Dabz brings high-quality rosin to those that need it most. 

The founder of Deez Dabz is a medically retired US Marine, who reappropriated his skills to create a cannabusiness that provides quality to his community. While in the Corps, he had more than 900 hours of training in hydraulic systems -- an ability that came in handy when processing rosin extractions. After serving his country, Deez Dabz’ founder was prescribed several medications that needed to be taken daily. These pills had adverse effects and, worst of all, stripped his quality of life down to just surviving. He took his health into his own hands and began to integrate medical marijuana into his treatments. Soon, he felt like himself again but longed to offer the chance for others just like him to have the same opportunity. With two decades of experience in cannabis cultivation and hydraulic systems, creating rosin concentrates was a quite obvious choice. He entered a period of research and development to comprehensively understand oils and perfected his extraction method. On September 2016, Deez Dabz rosin extracts debuted to the world. Today, the founder strives to continue enlightening and providing the cannabis community with premium rosin extracts.

When Deez Dabz’ founder developed his extraction methods, he knew he wanted to create concentrates that delivered full-spectrum terpenes and cannabinoids. Deez Dabz process does precisely that; beginning with the best flowers with unique genetics that deliver potent relief and flavor, then crafting his extracts with a solventless extraction technique. Chemicals do not interact with Deez Dabz products. Rather, a combination of heat, pressure, and impeccable timing create these high-terpene, high-cannabinoid extracts. The results are rosin concentrates that truly express the characteristics of the original flowers and pack effective relief. 

Experience cannabis concentrates at their most authentic with one of Deez Dabz’ unique strains. T.I.T.S. #1 doubles down on innuendos and lives up to the acronym of “this is the sh”… you know. T.I.T.S. #1 hails from a cross of parent strains Forum Cookies x New York City Sour Diesel, resulting in a potent Sativa with cerebral effects and deep, radiating relaxation. You’ll feel ready to bask in the bright lights and big city after a dab of New York City Sour Diesel. This Deez Dabz creation delivers tangy citrus flavor with every inhale and the effects sharpen focus, boost mood, and promote socializing. Pucker up for this sour delight from the Chemdawg lineage. Lemon Chem comes from the loins of Chem 91 x Larry OG, creating a potent, balanced Hybrid with effects that melt pain away and send a body-rush that might inspire you to train for a marathon. Obliterate stress and experience wellness at the speed of light with Deez Dabz's Deathstar OG. Crafted from the legendary Sensi Star crossed with Sour Diesel x OG Kush, Deathstar OG provides a refreshing and sophisticated terpene profile that is out of this world.