DeltaCann strives to be a leader in developing superior cannabis oils. We’ve designed a unique distillation process targeted specifically for cannabis extraction.

Using only artisanal, locally-sourced, pesticide-free cannabis, and just the right amount of heat and pressure (but no solvents), we capture only the cannabinoids and best terpenes from the plant itself.

The result is a smooth, savory, highly potent oil that is consistently preferred over other brands. We do it the right way and it shows! Try us and see why we let the vapor speak for itself.

Research & Development

Since our initial origins, we have been diligent in focusing our energy on the Research, Development, and Quality Assurance of our products before they hit the market to ensure a quality experience for patients and consumers that we can stand behind.

Our products are meant to improve the lives of our customers, and that starts at the farm. Our mission is to find, build, and grow strong relationships with local farms, always making sure to source and utilize the highest quality medicine available.

To that end, our emphasis on high quality oil for our products has been paramount and we have placed the highest priority on laboratory testing to ensure our customers get exactly what they deserve from any and all DeltaCann products. In fact, we are so committed to clean, potent oil that we have been lab testing our oil since long before it was required by the industry at large. We spare no cost for YOU, our customer.

Every carefully selected batch of oil concentrate is stored and transported in our nitrogen-filled Acme Vials from Paso Robles, CA. Nitrogen filled vials help preserve the terpenes and aroma of the oil, so that you can taste the strain straight from the farm. It’s the tiny details that make the difference.