Doctor Coughee

Doctor Coughee

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Doctor Coughee will answer the call.   

Doctor Coughee is much more than Canada’s source of premium cannabis flowers. Doctor Coughee is your source to exquisite flower strains with rare and exotic genetics, cultivated with the utmost attention to detail.   

Just like a doctor, accountability is vital — Doctor Coughee displays transparency through and through. The team believes the actions they take reflect on the cannabis industry as a whole, and Doctor Coughee strives to be a positive force for medical marijuana. When it comes to premium, lab tested flowers of superior quality, look to Doctor Coughee.   

The founder of Doctor Coughee is a long-time master grower. He fell in love with the plant early in life and remained captivated with every aspect of cultivation from the process to the smell and experience. His flowers stood out from the rest, and when patients bought his buds at the shop, they would return ask for them specifically. Branding flowers was not common practice, so there wasn’t a label to attach to these exquisite buds. The lack of identification prompted dispensary owners to urge him to give his work a name. So the doctor answered the call and launched Doctor Coughee in early 2018, putting a name to the flowers so many know and love.   

Doctor Coughee's flowers grow in a state-of-the-art cultivation facility with cutting-edge technology at their team’s disposal. The founder set the conditions of the grow space to meet federal laboratory specifications — going above and beyond in quality. The team cultivates each strain in an environment tailored to the needs of the plant, yielding buds that reach their highest genetic potential. Those flowers are then carefully collected for curing. Once the buds ripen and are ready to smoke, they are lab tested to ensure safety and quality.   

Big hairy nugs frosted with a forest of trichomes comprise Sweet Berlin’s flowers. Sweet Berlin is Doctor Coughee's signature strain whose Sativa dominant genetics give way to bright sugary notes that live up to the cultivar name. Every puff leaves users elated, energized, and with a case of the munchies. Sweet Berlin makes the perfect wake-n-bake or even smoke for a night out on the town.   

Doctor Coughee flowers are full panel tested including cannabinoids, pesticides, heavy metals, herbicides, fungi, fertilizer, aflatoxins, and salts.