Dream Steam

Dream Steam

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The Dream Steam journey began in 2013 as we realized that the medical cannabis vaporizers available at the time were lacking in their ability to bring patients a consistent, potent, and safe medicating experience. We felt that the whole approach to producing vaporizer cartridges needed to change in order to bring patients the kind of relief they expect and deserve.   

To develop the most reliable, consistent, and safe vaporizer cartridges available, to ensure that patients can safely depend on our product for optimal relief for their chronic conditions. Part of delivering safe and consistently-dosed vaporizer cartridges is keeping exact track of everything that goes into our cannabis oil. All cannabis that goes into producing Dream Steam is grown sustainably at our own cultivation greenhouse. Not only does this maximize our accountability for the medicine we provide, but it also makes Dream Steam an environmentally sustainable product by taking advantage of sunlight and minimizing water waste.   

To ensure sound manufacturing practices and patient-focused standards, we invited Americans for Safe Access to inspect our facilities, audit our policies and procedures, and augment our training programs. We’re proud to be one of only two facilities in the United States to earn ASA’s Patient Focused Certification for cannabis product manufacturing. Standard Dream Steam cartridges use CO2-extracted cannabis oil, and are thinned with specially-chosen MCT oil to achieve several different potencies while keeping the product safe for inhalation. Our Pure cartridges feature 800mg of uncut, distilled cannabis oil at potencies of 80% THC and up.All cartridges are strain-specific, allowing patients to choose their medicine based on their familiarity with their favorite cannabis strains. Our cartridges connect by way of a 510 thread, allowing you to use them with a variety of batteries. Dream Steam cartridges are available in the following potencies: 33% THC (200mg THC / 600mg total fill) 50% THC (300mg THC / 600mg total fill) 66% THC (400mg THC / 600mg total fill) 80% THC (640mg THC/ 800mg total fill) Select Dream Steam cartridge are also available in various high-CBD / low-THC potencies. 

All Dream Steam cannabis oil is tested by a third-party laboratory to make sure that patients get accurately-dosed medicine, and to ensure that no harmful contaminants ever reach patients through our products.All of our cartridges and batteries come with a lifetime warranty. If your pen or cartridge isn’t working properly, simply bring it back to the dispensary you purchased it from to receive a replacement. 

Get The App:   Patients can the app to scan the rewards barcode on the back of each Dream Steam package. For every ten scanned cartridge purchases, patients earn one cartridge free! Our interactive map allows patients to find nearby dispensaries that carry Dream Steam, and allows dispensaries to directly send notifications on Dream Steam sales and promotions.