Dyna Puff

Dyna Puff

Dyna Puff breathes excellence into the extracted cannabis industry. The Dyna Puff team processes top-quality concentrates using CO2 methods to deliver the ultimate dabbing or vaping experience to their patients. Lab tested and made with love, Dyna Puff offers patients long-lasting and efficient relief from everything from pain to sour moods. No matter your marijuana needs, you’ll roar for Dyna Puff.

The founders of Dyna Puff are cannabis industry veterans who saw a sore gap in the marketplace for top-quality cannabis extracts. Founded in 2015, the Dyna Puff team was sick of vape cartridges that would break or contained impure oil or wax that boasted all potency and zero flavors. The team set about to create a more sophisticated line of concentrates produced with care and attention to detail. Dyna Puff’s extractors perfected their methods and vendor relationships and proudly provide Dyna Puff patients with a consistent, efficient cannabis medicine with every dab. 

To craft their concentrates, the Dyna Puff extraction artists start with top-quality flower sourced from local growers across California. They employ CO2 extraction processes to keep their oil and wax free of any solvents or contaminants. Dyna Puff’s labs perfected their techniques to retain the unique terpene profiles and effects of each source flower cultivar. When it comes to Dyna Puff’s wax, they go the extra mile to ensure the texture and flavors of each dab offer a perfectly delectable experience each time. 

Dyna Puff’s strain-specific vape cartridges and wax packs offer cannabis excellence to suit every preference and medicinal need. Indica extracts such as GDP, Paris OG and King Louis are among their bestsellers for evening use and pain relief. Sativa fans adore Dyna Puff’s Trainwreck, Jack Herer and Sour Diesel concentrates to perk up anytime throughout the day. Dyna Puff’s extracts come in half-gram and full gram sizes.

Dyna Puff takes pride in the outstanding quality of their concentrates, and continually lab tests its products for quality assurance and consistency. Working with BudGenius, Dyna Puff analyzes their extracts for potency, pesticides, and residual solvents.