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ebbu™ llc

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 ebbu™ envisions the world where marijuana products can be experienced and enjoyed by everyone. By making reliable and consistent quality products, ebbu™ cannabis concentrates elevates the marijuana experience and inspires consumers to live full and enjoyable lives. They truly believe in the goodness of cannabis and are inspired by its natural wonder and potential to elevate and change the world. ebbu™’s passion is making marijuana products connoisseurs can trust, and know the real reward is a shared journey made all the richer through cannabis.

ebbu™ was first imagined as a cannabis company that would create a new paradigm in the inconsistent and unreliable industry of marijuana. They wanted to allow consumers the choice of experience they wanted, where ebbu™ would provide a consistent experience and potency every time. Founding a state-of-the-art extraction facility with cutting-edge technologies, ebbu™ has since filed more than twenty patents in the cannabis market and paved the way in three different scientific disciplines to craft the most reliably excellent marijuana products.

ebbu™ paved the way for chromatography purification capabilities, allowing them to separate and purify terpenes and cannabinoids for both product development and research. Their cellular pharmacology lab explores different ratios of cannabinoids and terpenes, blending them into unique ratios to maximize the effects of the compound in the human body. Finally, they conduct psychopharmacological data on their formulations, allowing them to test and analyze data from hundreds of clinical study volunteers. To craft their cannabis products, ebbu™ works with high-level Colorado growers to find the highest quality trim plant materials. Next, they extract the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant into oil form, further purifying this extraction as it moves through the process. Finally, they recombine the cannabinoid and terpenes into unique combinations to form their different product formulas.

ebbu™ crafts a wide range of product lines to suit any cannabis enthusiast’s palate. Their ebbu™ Bold is designed for maximum THC potency, for those in search of a clear and compelling high. Their Genesis concentrates were crafted to blend terpenes and cannabinoids to offer the ideal long-lasting strength working with the body’s CB1 receptors. ebbu™ Aqua drops is a highly concentrated cannabis tincture, and their vape cartridges come with glass tanks, ceramic coils and one of the best vape experiences to be found. 

ebbu™ products can be found in dispensaries across the state of Colorado. Their high-quality concentrates are available in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Denver, Fort Collins, Grand Junction, Aurora, Aspen and many more regions.