EPC Experience Premium Cannabis

EPC Experience Premium Cannabis

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Our Mission: It’s all in our name: Experience Premium Cannabis.   

EPC stands for Experience Premium Cannabis, and as a company that exclusively partners with high quality Nevada cultivators, EPC creates the highest grade of solventless cannabis concentrates. Striving to do their part, they employ sustainable methods of extraction as they create their line of high-grade extracts, bringing the cannabis community together while focusing on health and people. EPC use zero chemicals, zero solvents, and only the best quality bud to provide patients and recreational users alike with a health-conscious, potent alternative to traditional cannabis consumption. 

EPC’s journey began in July of 2016, where the founding team, who carried more than a decade's’ history in the cannabis industry, decided to use their knowledge of the marijuana plant to provide patients and health-conscious recreational consumers an alternative to harsher or chemically-tainted concentrates. In the early days, EPC struggled to find Nevada cultivators who met their high standards of cannabis plant materials from which they’d extract their cannabinoids. However, as time passed they solidified relationships with Nevada marijuana industry leaders, and they now work with their partners to extract their concentrates from only the most stringently tested flowers. By the end of this year, EPC plans on expanding to one more state beyond Nevada, and continue to grow as a reputable name in the cannabis industry. 

As a part of their commitment to health and sustainability, EPC uses entirely solventless methods to extract their concentrates. Using techniques including ice, water, heat and pressure methodologies, their extracts are all hand-made with terpenes and cannabinoids preserved and extracted to their highest potential. EPC employs techniques from ancient Lebanon, Morocco, and Nepal to create their extracts, rosins, and hash as they were meant to be experienced, offering consumers a cannabis encounter unlike any other. 

EPC’s solventless extractions are available in a number of forms, using high-grade local cannabis flower to create everything from Rosin chips to Dry sift. Their extremely popular Temple Ball Hash is made in the style of ancient Lebanon, where it is made from a fully decarboxylated whole cannabis plant with purities testing as high as 80% and chock-full of aromatic terpenes, all without the use of solvents and aged for extended periods of time. EPC also offers CBN Capsules, formulated with 100% organic virgin coconut oil and pure cannabis oils, offering strong and safe alternative to pharmaceutical medicines. 

Every one of EPC’s high-quality extracts are independently lab tested by Nevada laboratories. They collaborate with labs including Digipath Testing to for the full spectrum of results, including potency, terpenes, cannabinoids, residual pesticides, residual fertilizers, and microbial screening.

EPC currently can be found in most Nevada dispensaries, most notably Essence, The Source and the Nevada Wellness Center. In the coming months, EPC plans on expanding to Reno and other northern Nevada cities, and eventually expanding to other states to better help both recreational and medical marijuana users access a health-conscious, organic and entirely pure cannabis alternative.