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An enhanced pre-roll experience. Fatty’s offers California patients and residents the most superior cannabis products imaginable. By providing a wide selection of strains to fit any cannabis consumer’s palate, Fatty’s prioritizes quality using only high grade material to offer a conveniently cool smoking experience consistently. They continually innovate and improve, and every day Fatty’s works to bring fine pre-roll products to the marijuana market. 

Fatty’s got their start in 2016, throwing themselves into creating the best pre-rolls on the market. The founder of Fatty’s passed ten years in the grower industry, cultivating unique and potent flower for extractors and other industry members before noticing a trend. Smoking marijuana often took time, and while pre-rolls were prevalent patients either had to painstakingly roll a joint themselves or purchase one, often of lower quality or potency. He knew he could do better, and in 2016 he assembled a team of like minded individuals to redefine pre-rolls, layering them with a new layer of fresh and unique style geared for the cannabis connoisseur. Growing through months of trial and error, Fatty’s perfected their methods and personal style to offer a selection of potent, sleek, and pleasurable pre-rolls ideal for the hippest smoker. Process: Following careful experimentation, Fatty’s developed their proprietary method of decarboxylation and curing to fill in the perfect pre-roll. Growing their marijuana flowers in-house utilizing decades of cultivation history, Fatty’s can offer a potent, powerful cannabis experience with one puff. For their Rosin Rolls, they naturally extract their materials from their Rosin press processes. Following extraction, Fatty’s infuses each material with solvent-free Rosin Wax, Hash, and then roll in Kief all from the same strain. With all this combined, this pre-roll packs a powerful punch. 

Fatty’s proudly offers their pre-rolls, Rosin rolls and Oil Sticks vape pens in a variety of strain-specific flavors, perfect for any smoking situation. They offer old favorites like Gorilla Glue, Fire OG, and Platinum Cookies as well as their unique, in-house creations Black Diamond Sherbet, Chocolope Chip Cookies, Orange Guava, and dozens more. Fatty’s pre-rolls elevate the on-the-go cannabis smoking experience like no other.

The Fatty’s team meticulously lab tests their products at SC Labs, so their clients can rest assured they’re smoking the purest, most potent products available. Fatty’s tests for solvent purity, residual materials and cannabinoid potency with each batch. 

Marijuana enthusiasts can find Fatty’s products in dispensaries across California, including the notable Zen Healing in West Hollywood. As they grow, they hope to expand to other states and eventually become a nationally available brand.