First Class Canna

First Class Canna

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First Class Canna is the cannabis brand that puts patients first. Delivering high potency medical cannabis products at an affordable price, First Class Canna’s only concern is patients in need of help. While most cannabis companies like to boast about what they are, First Class Canna proudly states what they are not: not concerned with greed, not concerned with image, and most importantly of all, First Class Canna is not looking to capitalize on the sick. Everything First Class Canna does is in service of the medical cannabis community and to deliver high potency products that help and provide a higher quality of life. 

The founders of First Class Canna aren’t your typical marijuana entrepreneurs with your average cannabis culture story. As a former Armed Guard, one of the founders always treasured the value of helping those who need help the most. While working as a guard at a local dispensary, the founder started to become interested in the type of patients visiting the dispensary. He noticed they weren’t your typical, stigmatized marijuana consumer. Instead, he saw that seniors and patients with serious illnesses were coming into the dispensary and purchasing medical marijuana. Interested, he started forming relationships with the local dispensary customers and began to learn about cannabis’ ability to heal. After immersing himself and learning more about the cannabis community, he realized that the most effective medicine was usually also the most expensive. Patients who needed high potency cannabis products had to pay high amounts with no other alternatives; they could either pay the incongruously expensive prices, or they could suffer without the medicine they needed. The founders strongly challenged this injustice. They took it upon themselves to learn how to extract and infuse various cannabis materials to make potent cannabis medicine. This is how First Class Canna was born. After presenting their products to the cannabis community, patients immediately turned to their potent products and affordable prices. Now, First Class Canna continues to serve the medical cannabis community in hopes that patients feel there is a moral and ethical cannabis brand on which they can always rely.

First Class Canna doesn’t feel the need to ostentatiously or flamboyantly promote their products. Their products, as is their mission, are simple: high potency medical cannabis goods at a price patients can actually afford. Specializing in concentrates like Shatter and Crumble, First Class Cannas also developed a high potency cannabis line they call Canna Clusters, flower combined with concentrate oil and covered in Kief. They also offer their Infused Cone Joint: a King Cone with Top Shelf shake, solventless oil, and OG Kief. 

First Class Canna is happy to provide total transparency and reliability to their cannabis patients by lab testing all of their products. They proudly test for potency with Pure Analytics, a cannabis testing laboratory in Santa Rosa, California. 

First Class Cannas proudly provides cannabis medicine to patients throughout California. They work closely with OC pharm and Enjoyable Edibles, two cannabis brands who also share First Class Canna’s vision of helping the cannabis community.