Transform Your Experience

Producing Clean, Innovative, and Superior Cannabis Products

Produced in Colorado, California, and soon Oregon – FLÏ™ is progressively becoming more recognized as one of the top cannabis oil and edibles brands in North America. With an innovative and clean extraction process, FLÏ™ products are created with the consumer experience in mind.

Our extraction process is where the real distinction between our product and our competitors’ emerges. We’re utilizing short-path distillation technology that produces a pure, potent, and cleaner oil versus other methods of extraction being used in the industry today.

Short path distillation requires the utilization of ethanol alcohol as a solvent. This is much less volatile and safer for human consumption when compared to other solvents. Instead of employing a one-step distillation process like many currently are using, our final oil (distillate) remains solvent free and pesticide free.

Palo Verde, where FLÏ™ products are made, offers a unique Direct Store Delivery (DSD) program designed to make ordering, restocking, and in-store production management easy.