Frontier Farms

Frontier Farms

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We are a Clean Green Certified Tier 2 producer based out of Hood River, Oregon. We specialize in premium, hand-trimmed, sun grown cannabis cultivated with care for our consumers. Our facility is one of the largest light-deprivation greenhouse systems in the state and we have a second farm and an indoor operation in the works, all aimed at providing the highest quality product for all Oregonians.

We’re dedicated to preserving the adventurous spirit and culture of the brave farmers of the frontier who risked their lives and freedom, paving the way for growers today.

Frontier Farms comes from a long-line of cultivating frontiersman, and while our forefathers focused on fruit and produce, in true pioneering fashion, we’ve marched fearlessly into growing cannabis.

Today, we continue the legacy of those who came before us as we pioneer the new frontier of cannabis cultivation.

Our farm is nestled in the Hood River Valley, at the base of Mt. Hood, in a region where family farms go back for hundreds of years, to the earliest pioneers and settlers of the Pacific Northwest.

All of our flower is greenhouse grown, cultivated with living soil and water from majestic Mt. Hood; using only sustainable, organic methods.

We grow many popular strains that patients and consumers demand. Whether looking for a strain high in THC, CBD, or specific terpenes, we have it here, and we have it year round.