Granny-B Goods

Granny-B Goods

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Granny-B Goods uses century-old, original family recipes, and infuses them with a next-level proprietary RSO method of extraction. We've created our 'Micro-Dosed' edibles so that each edible contains a consistent potency of 10mg each to create an 'Everyday Edible for Everyday Life'. All our edibles are made from the highest quality organic ingredients, are Gluten-Free, and the best tasting Edibles you'll ever put in your mouth…but don't take our word for it, ask for them at a dispensary near you and try them for yourself!

The history behind Granny-B Goods starts with my Grandma Bingham. My Grandmother was born in 1908 and grew up in Idaho Falls during some of the harshest times in our nations history. She taught me more than I would recognize until much later in life. Her experience dealing with the hardships of life would be expressed in her tenacity and strength through even the hardest times. She would battle breast cancer twice in her lifetime, and would lose her husband, my Grandfather to Prostate cancer. Despite all she would go through, she lived to be 95 before passing. She never knew the words "Quit" or "Can't" and despite her stern and often demanding overtones, family meant the world to her and she would always do all she could to make sure we knew how much she loved us. 

Since she grew up in Idaho, there was never a time that she didn't have an amazing vegetable garden and Rose garden. This was long before "Organic" became the fad that its become today. I'll never forget afternoons walking with my Grandmother, in her apron containing a salt and pepper shaker, out to her garden to pick fresh vegetables and eat them right there in the garden.

As I got older my days spent with my grandmother would often include helping her in the kitchen, especially around Christmas time, making caramels to be passed out to family and friends in the area. Little would I know then what this would become the foundation for Granny-B Goods.

Since my Grandmothers passing, the role of Grandma Bingham would be passed on to my now 80 year old Mother, who in my Grandmothers fashion would become the driving force and inspiration behind Granny-B Goods.