Green Life Supply

Green Life Supply

4.5 ★

Green Life Supply lives and breathes quality cannabis. A team of dedicated master growers, Green Life Supply elevates the marijuana experience throughout Alaska’s web of retail dispensaries. The team’s dedication to high quality and high-class knowledge of sub-zero temperature growing methods have single-handedly revolutionized Alaska’s cannabis journey and decreased the overall price of the plant. Committed to accessibility and enriching its community, the Green Life Supply team is proud to be the “Highest North” of its cannabis community. 

The founding team behind Green Life Supply always knew it belonged in the cannabis industry. Long before Alaska finalized its legalization, the master growers dedicated themselves to helping home growers across the state develop their perfect marijuana garden. The founders, proud and hardworking growers with decades of cultivation experience, arrived in Fairbanks to bring an elevated quality of cannabis to Alaska. As the state’s budding market figured out how marijuana worked, Green Life Supply was there to help build out grow facilities, teach growers how to balance nutrients, and advise in strain selection and breeding. The fact that Green Life Supply’s grow center allows dozens of cannabis cultivars to flourish in subarctic temperatures is a testament to the mastery of the team’s craft. Today, Green Life Supply furnishes Alaska retail stores with nearly 30-40% of flower inventory in more than 14 dispensary locations. 

Green Life Supply proudly mastered Alaska’s freezing climate to cultivate the team’s wide variety of cannabis cultivars. The growers utilize indoor hydroponic methods to keep their 40 different strains thriving in a nonstop flowering rotation across the 24,000-square-foot building.  Every bud is lovingly cured to perfection and expertly stored to ensure the Alaskan consumer enjoys maximum freshness and potency. Green Life Supply also ships some of its trim to Babylon Company, whose extraction artists process the plant matter into high-quality shatter, cake badder, vape cartridges and more. 

Flowers from Green Life Supply are destined for the connoisseur’s palate and promise great-tasting flavor and effects with every puff. The cultivators raise genetics such as Blackwater, Skywalker, Tangie Banana, 574 Cookies and Chem Soda Cookies, among dozens of others. Every cannabis product undergoes intensive internal quality assurance before landing on any dispensary shelves. If a product doesn’t meet the team’s standards, Green Life Supply won’t let it exit the facility.

As part of its dedication to leading Alaska’s charge towards a high-quality cannabis industry, Green Life Supply’s growers send all cannabis products off for thorough lab testing to ensure every item meets the brand’s high standards of excellence and purity.