GreenRock Botanicals

GreenRock Botanicals

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Fuel is everything. The GreenRock Botanicals vape pen is powered by potent, delicious distillates and crafted through passionate cannabis science. Every GreenRock cartridge is packed with pure goodness: the best connoisseur extract that science can deliver in a variety of tasty strain flavors. 

GreenRock cartridges are made with real glass – not plastic. Glass is chemically inert so it will never leach unwanted chemicals into your extracts. The heating element inside the GreenRock cartridge is ceramic, not metal, and designed to deliver cloud after cloud of fast and reliable performance. Our battery is reliable – charge it, forget it. We made the stainless steel barrel rugged too – the way things need to be. Plus, it looks seriously cool. Tough-tested Greenrock packs more power and quality into every cloud.

Our brainiac engineers turned away from outer space to focus their genius on the practical problem of designing the perfect cannabis vape pen. Unusual talents plus a quest for a better cannabis vape experience… that’s how GreenRock was born. We are dedicated to making every component of the GreenRock system work better in real-world conditions. We are designers and scientists seeking the perfect blend of form and function. Shape every experience your way – blow bigger clouds or keep them light and easy-going. Ultimately, that’s what it’s all about.

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