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Guild Extracts

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Where Art Meets Science

Where art meets science. Guild Extracts is the concentrate connoisseurs’ choice for cannabis products. The company was founded by a collective of extraction artists who bring years of extraction experience to producing the finest quality medical-grade cannabis concentrates on the market. With an artist's passion for perfection and a sense of scientific duty, Guild Extracts is dedicated to providing the best extracts to patients and connoisseurs in the cannabis community.   

Guild Extracts continually develops and refines their extraction methods and techniques. They use proprietary, patent-pending technologies to isolate high levels of THC, THCa, CBD, and HTE (High Terpene Extracts) in their array of cannabis extract products. Guild Extracts utilizes THC and THCa for patients to vaporize, providing clear and cerebral therapeutic effects; CBD to assist in alleviating medical symptoms and ailments without heavy psychoactive effects; and HTE for connoisseurs who prefer complex aromas and flavor profiles over pure potency.   

Guild Extracts’ proprietary techniques enable them to make the most potent extracts that test at high levels and can be consumed in a variety of ways. Crystalline regularly tests at 99-100% and can be ingested orally for non-psychoactive effects, or it can be dabbed to produce a powerful high. THCa Powder regularly tests at 90+% and can be ingested orally, mixed with raw cannabis flower, or dabbed. CBD Sap tests between 40-55% and is best used through dabbing. HTE tests at 45-55% and is best used through dabbing or mixing with raw cannabis. Sugar and Batter tests at 55-75% and can be used to dab or in an E-vape. And Shatter tests at 65-85% and is best utilized by dabbing or E-vaping.   

Guild Extracts is highly active in the cannabis community, collaborating with various dispensaries, growers and breeders, and connecting to medical marijuana patients at popular industry events including The Emerald Cup, Chalice, High Times Cannabis Cup SoCal & NorCal, Secret Sesh in Los Angeles, Compassesh, AUDIO SESH, Popup Sesh at RX Cannabis, New West Summit 2.0 in San Francisco, KUSHSTOCK, and Hempcon. Guild Extracts also connects with patients through free demos at dispensaries across California, including Urban Farms, CCA, SFVDM, Green Remedy, Telegraph Health Center, Barbary Coast, WHTC, and The Guild San Jose.