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H1 Extracts

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H1 Extracts vape cartridges display the healing benefits of cannabis at its most accentuated state. The founder of H1 Extracts found his passion for marijuana while cultivating. For years the H1 Extracts founder spent hours in the sun developing a deep and cathartic connection with the plant. Shrugging away western treatments such as pharmaceuticals, he found peace and solace in utilizing and cultivating cannabis as a means of therapy. Now, H1 Extracts delivers that grounding serenity in their premium vape cartridges, filled with high-quality cannabis oil. Puff on an H1 Extracts vape cartridge and experience euphoria unlike anything else.

The founder of H1 Extracts found his start in the cannabis industry in 2002 selling quartz bangers. That’s right, Dab glass! He was one of the first to develop carb caps for the first bangers on the market. At the time, concentrates and the rigs to smoke them hadn’t taken off in mainstream cannabis culture, making them scarce to come across. This scarcity made those glass rigs, carb caps, and bangers expensive, but the founder wanted to supply better glass at compassionate rates. He dove head first into the quartz scene, crafting quality carb caps and dab supplying accesories. As a cannabis user himself, he began to notice the lack of quality concentrates on the market. The few high-grade extracts were very expensive, and the founder wanted to develop marijuana concentrates that were high in quality but low in price. He got to work on H1 Extracts, talking to farms and working with fellow cannabis community members to develop a brand that delivers products worthy of toking. Getting connections for production was tricky, as a community member deeply entrenched with the people part of 420 culture, he knew growers, but they weren’t out of the closet yet. The lack of safety for cannabis entrepreneurs allowed for only one other person to help start his brand, since most producers were more comfortable with white labeling and remaining in the black market. However, the size of their team didn’t keep H1 Extracts from taking off. The community loved H1’s cannabis products and the company has expanded from a $1,000-budget operation to a sophisticated company that uses that invests in improved equipment and processes at every turn. Today, H1 Extracts’ intricate facility includes a closed-loop extraction machine, top-of-the-line ovens and a short path system. H1 Extracts is proud and grateful to serve the cannabis community of California and continues to supply quality extractions at compassionate rates.   

“I nitpick everything,” said the founder of H1 Extracts. “I’m still a consumer at the end of the day, so I’m not going to take short cuts.” H1 Extracts remains faithful to crafting cannabis concentrates the producers would enjoy vaping. Delivering the best vaping experience is paramount to H1’s team, which is why they take their time with each step of the process. H1 Extracts starts with the best material, sourced from reputable cannabis farms that share H1 Extracts’ dedication to excellence. From there, their extraction artists begin their closed-loop extraction technique to yield incredible cannabis extractions that capture the essence, taste, and experience of the original cannabis plant.   

H1 Extracts offers their vape cartridges in a wide range of strain varieties. 710 enthusiasts in search of an OG have two great vape cartridges to choose from: Hardcore OG or Skywalker OG. Sweet and energizing, H1 Extracts’ Super Jack cartridge exhibits an astonishing tropical flavor profile and cerebral effects. Chill out on some Gelato, a delicious representative  of the Cookies family extracted to perfection by the H1 Extracts team. Other cartridge options include beloved strains Gorilla Glue #4 and King Louis XII.   

H1 Extracts takes the safety of their customers to heart, which is why they are pleased to offer cannabis oil lab tested by SC Labs. Each batch they produce is analyzed for purity and potency to prove the consistency and reliability of their cartridges.