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Habit Crafted

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In a time where pharmaceutical companies and government agencies work together to dictate what’s good and what’s bad for us, are we wise to listen to those who seek most to profit from our healthcare? Natural plant medicines have been used by many cultures around the world throughout human history with great success. Big pharma is unable to patent and profit from these natural ingredients, as a result our modern healthcare system is almost completely void of certain ultra effective compounds. However, with cancer and neurological issues on the rise along with our impending failure of antibiotics, modern science is looking for answers. New studies are being released everyday, confirming how powerful ingredients from aromatic plants and other sources can be in treating many types of illness and disease. It is our mission here at Habit to resurrect and reintroduce the wisdom of our ancestors by blending powerful and effective natural ingredients with CBD. Habit products are crafted to elevate the human experience, and enrich the universal quality of life.   

The founders of Habit began their partnership in the medical industry long before entering the cannabis community. Through their years of constant collaboration, they became interested in alternative, less dangerous ways to medicate when they were introduced to the healing power of marijuana. Beginning with infused syrup, patients quickly began to make their own beverage recipes infused with cannabis. Not long after, the Habit team discovered through word of mouth that many patients were asking for a ready to drink beverage using their cannabis concentrate infusion. Habit developed a healthy carbonated beverage with all the healing benefits of marijuana and all natural fruit flavors. Since beginning operations in earnest in December 2015, Habit Sparkling Beverage has been taking the marijuana industry by storm, placing in the “Top 10 Edibles” category in the 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup and taking home 2nd place in the Edibles competition at the Chalice Festival. Habit Sparkling Beverage wrapped up their stellar inaugural year by winning “Best New Drink of 2016” by High Times. 

Habit Sparking Beverage uses an ultra refined, solventless technique to extract their distillate concentrate oil. One their high-quality cannabis oil has been extracted, they infuse with an all natural carbonated drink with no chemicals or artificial flavors. This allows Habit to cleverly make the most beneficial medical marijuana drink with all the rich flavors of fruit, without adding any harmful or unhealthy materials into their products. Each drink is perfectly dosed and full of natural, nourishing flavor.   

Habit Sparkling Beverage proudly tests each bottle with SC Labs, a cannabis testing facility in Northern California. They currently test for potency (THC) and terpene profile, to see which terpenes add to the already natural fruit flavor in each drink. 

Beginning their operations in San Diego, California at the end of 2015, Habit Sparking Beverage now services the entire state of California with their beautiful and nourishing beverages.