High Style Brewing Co.

High Style Brewing Co.

High Style Brewing Co. offers handcrafted cannabis-infused non-alcoholic beer to be sold in the United States. Our “beer” is brewed by one of the most reputable brewmasters in San Diego with the same level of quality you would expect from San Diego’s renown craft beer scene. Each can has the taste of a quality craft brew with the experience of a smooth uplifting high. The perfect combination born out of the California lifestyle.

Born and raised in San Diego during the emergence of the American craft beer scene, the founders of High Style Brewing Co. have always had a love and passion for quality beer. Growing up in such an active city, it was not uncommon for us to spend long summer days hiking, surfing, or BBQing with friends. In all these occasions craft beer and cannabis were seen as staple elements, the perfect complements to our lifestyles. 

High Style’s cannabis-infused alcohol-removed craft beer is the birth child of our passions and lifestyles. Countless hours and many months of meticulous testing and refining were conducted by our seasoned brewmaster to ensure an exceptional craft beer experience. 

Our inspiration comes from living. Not just at the beach, but hiking the Sierra Nevadas with friends, climbing boulders in Joshua Tree, rafting down rivers in Northern California, sailing off the coast of Catalina Island, and of course watching Sunday football with friends.

Our hope is that our beer will inspire others to also live a life full of amazing experiences with equally amazing people. Life is short, why not live an elevated one?