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Two holy herbs in one spray.   For centuries, Natives of the present California region utilized Santa Yerba, or “The Holy Herb” to alleviate pain. HolyHerbajuana has tapped into those benefits, crafting an all-natural, full-spectrum topical spray that delivers the synergy of Cannabis and Santa Yerba.   

When peeking into the scope of HolyHerbajuana it is essential to recognize the history of California as well as the history of the brand.   Santa Yerba, or Eriodictyon Californicum grows naturally in the mountains of Southern California. Native Americans derived the flower’s benefits much the same way we use cannabis today. With smoke or brewed into tea, natives treated sprains, wounds, joint pain, insect bites, and much more. HolyHerbajuana is led by two family friends, one a physician and the other a cannabis connoisseur with extensive knowledge of California’s native plants. One day, the connoisseur was speaking with a gardener who enquired about cannabis. He recalled something his grandmother taught him: If you put cannabis in alcohol, you can extract and utilize the benefits without intoxication. This peaked the two friend’s attention. It occurred to them the same could be done with another plant they were studying: Santa Yerba. They partnered to hone in extraction and developed a product that provided the benefits of cannabis and Santa Yerba side by side. After several batch tests and discovering the method that derives the full spectrum of phytocannabinoids and terpenes, they were ready to unveil their divine formulation. HolyHerbajuana launched in the Summer of 2017 and continues to supply holistic relief today.

Consistency and simplicity are paramount to HolyHerbajuana. The team crafts a full-spectrum formulation with the most quality control and attention to detail, to ensure the HolyHerbajuana topical you use the first time is the same time and time again.   

HolyHerbajuana is a topical spray, crafted to deliver maximum relief through the properties of Santa Yerba and Cannabis. The spray includes a full-spectrum of cannabinoids derived from the finest Blue Dream flowers — a strain known and loved by many throughout the globe. Simply spray the afflicted area and allow the liquid to absorb into the skin. HolyHerbajuana is perfect for an all natural way to manage pain discreetly and effectively. 

Each batch of HolyHerbajuana is lab tested by SC Labs. Their technicians perform a full-panel analysis from purity to potency.