Humboldt Chocolate

Humboldt Chocolate

Humboldt Chocolate is a locally owned chocolate company. We provide high quality, all natural, non-gmo, chocolates for all to enjoy!

All of our chocolate contains soy lecition. Many products contain dairy and nuts. All products are made on shared equipment with dairy, peanuts and tree nuts. Please take appropriate precautions if you have any allergies. Contact us with any questions.

We utilize a blend of chocolates that allow greater control for supply and consistency. We are not dependent on single farms or regions and are less likely to be affected by climate, political or market fluctuations. This allows us to continuously provide high quality chocolate to our customers without gaps in production.

We strive to be an environmentally conscious organization.

We are proud to utilize a local printing company that prints on recycled paper with vegetable based inks. Our bar labels and boxes are recyclable as well. As a manufacturer, we produce very little waste and are constantly looking for ways to reduce our footprint.

We work to minimize packaging and use recyclable or compostable materials whenever possible. On occasion, you may receive a package from us containing less than desirable packing materials. We reuse materials sent to us and hope that you do the same. 

If you have any additional ideas or suggestions, we would love to hear them!