Indoor Organic Gardens (IOG)

Indoor Organic Gardens (IOG)

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Indoor Organic Gardens is on a mission to supply flower that is not only enjoyable but is what the cannabis plant was always meant to be — good for you. Their indoor cultivation ensures the highest level of quality control and the California cannabis community can rely on Indoor Organic Gardens for clean, tested, and robust flowers. The strain selection caters to those seeking the latest and greatest cultivar, as well as the classic staples. Best of all, every bud is properly flushed, free of PGR’s and pesticides.   

“I started in a tent and grew walls.”  The founder is a true champion of science and has dedicated his career to understanding the cannabis plant. After college he got into the cannabis industry, starting his tent operation. He pushed hard in development, fine-tuning his skills as a grower, expanding his genetic library and creating a more sophisticated garden. Next came building a team, he connected with others that share his passion for quality cannabis and began to work on connecting with patients. Indoor Organic Gardens launched in 2014, and has happily served the state of California ever since. The sky's the limit for the founder and his team. Every day, they strive to provide exceptional connoisseur grade cannabis to the masses without sacrificing quality.  

Indoor Organic Gardens is a facility that aims to stay ahead of scheduled compliance. That means all who enjoy their flowers are smoking the safest and purest buds available. The master grower performs thorough flushes for as long as 21 days, resulting in flowers with extra smoothness. After harvest the flowers are dried and cured to perfection and lab tested for quality assurance.   

Prepare for The MAC, a cultivar with unique genetics and astounding elation. The MAC expresses the zest of energy of Colombian Gold with the invigorating sweetness of Alien Cookies, making for one wild ride. That isn’t the only heartthrob on the menu. Platinum Bubba is a soothing Hybrid with spicy aroma and flavor. No matter your strain of preference, Indoor Organic Gardens are here to deliver the cleanest and safest buds. Commitment to you Organically Soil grown. This maximizes terpene profile and percentages. Hydroponic is good, soil is the best! We don’t rush the flush! In fact our last harvest was flushed for 30+ days!! You can expect a super smooth smoke and always white ashes!  Always hand trimmed! Can someone say bag appeal? Tested and compliant. We only offer pesticide free, mold free, PGR free, flowers. We’ve been producing this quality before it was mandated.  

We care about what our customers, family and friends smoke! You can count on this quality, consistently.  

All Indoor Organic Gardens’ products are full spectrum lab tested by SC Labs.