Kaya Farms

Kaya Farms

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Kaya Farms is a cannabis flower company from Orange County, California. With top tier genetics and master cultivation methods, Kaya Farms provides some of the most unique and flavorful strains in all of California. 

The founder of Kaya Farms has been a cannabis cultivator since the early 1990’s. He brought his passion for perfection and his respect for cannabis to his early days growing, refining his methods and experimenting with genetics to produce the highest quality flower possible. As he mastered his technique and began selling his buds to dispensaries, he realized that some dispensaries would just slap a different label on his cannabis flower and call it something else. This flew in the face of everything he stood for as a cannabis cultivator. So, in 2016 he decided to start the Kaya Farms brand to provides products that stand for passion, quality, and consistency. Operating from their farm in Orange County, Kaya Farms has been providing excellent cannabis with the most innovative and unique genetics around. 

At Kaya Farms, they focus on three criteria for their genetics: Amazing terpene profile, high THC content, and steady growing needs. This allows them to produce unique, flavorful buds that are high quality and consistent from batch to batch. Their genetics aren’t always huge yielder, but with a focus on “quality over quantity,” Kaya Farms prefers smaller grows with bigger, better results. They’ve developed a 100% pesticide free cultivating environment, utilizing lavender water and different natural pesticides that are better for the plants, and ultimately better for the consumer. Kaya Farms continually strives to improve their methods and raise the quality of their products, with a motto that “it could always be better.”

Kaya Farms prides themselves on providing one of the best selections of buds in the industry. Specializing in Hybrids, Kaya Farms has gained notoriety for their Cookie strains, from Christmas Cookie, Thin Mint Cookies, and Cookies and Cream. Fortune Teller and Lemon Candy Haze have become known as two of their signature strains due to their looks, aroma, and flavor. With their wide selection of buds, Kaya Farms has become your favorite dispensary’s favorite vendor.