Magic Pipe

Magic Pipe

4.9 ★

When you want that magical feeling that only cannabis can provide, Magic Pipe is there to grant your wish. Unique, stylish, and reliable concentrate cartridges and disposable vape pens provide easy, flavorful, and discrete relief whenever and wherever you need.

Magic Pipe stems from the founding and relationship of professionals with a passion. As the marijuana industry began to grow and mature, they knew they could offer a sleek, well-crafted cannabis cartridge that all forward-thinking consumers would love. After extensive months of research and development, they created an easy, effective, and reliable cartridge that equal parts flavor, potency, and consistency. Magic Pipe just had to convince the rest of the world of the superiority of their product. Dispensaries are known for their rigorous and extremely selective view of accepting new products. Without the big brand name, Magic Pipe had to live or die solely on the quality of the products. Beginning in early 2017, they started dropping off samples to any dispensary that would give them a shot. Only three months later and Magic Pipe cartridges and vape pens can be found in over 30 dispensaries throughout Southern California. As Magic Pipe grows, their missions grows, too. They hope to reach more dispensaries throughout Los Angeles, San Diego, and the Bay Area, reaching as many people as they can.

Magic Pipe cartridges and disposable vape pens are filled with cannabis distillate that is strain specific, making it incredibly flavorful and potent. Utilizing a molecular distillation technique, then reintroducing strain specific terpenes that make for a flavor profile that is true to the original cannabis flower, Magic Pipe distillate is perfect for cannabis connoisseurs and newcomers alike. Cartridges are extremely reliable with a practically nonexistent fail rate, and their disposable vape pens average 280 hits. 

At Magic Pipe, they know the importance proving transparency to their customers and building trust with the cannabis community. That’s why they do rigorous testing with SC Labs, one of the leading cannabis analytical laboratories in all of California. They test their concentrate cartridges and vape pens for cannabinoid profiles (potency), pesticides, and microbial screening. 

Magic Pipe is proud of their growing network of cannabis enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, and hope to meet more people within the cannabis community. Their products can be found in High Spot in Inglewood, CT Compassion Caregivers in Silverlake, HHC+ in Downtown Los Angeles, and other dispensaries and deliveries all over Los Angeles and Southern California.