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Marks Organix

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The right plants for the right place

Marks Organix proudly supplies organic, connoisseur quality flowers and edibles to Maine cannabis patients. This cannabusiness stands as a holistic solution to pain management, sleep aid, addiction control, and the full gamut of what cannabis can provide. Marks Organix’ founder and master grower is dedicated to delivering the best quality cannabis, not produce the highest yields. When you enjoy a bowl of Marks Organix flowers or edibles, you are experiencing cannabis as it should be -- soil grown and solvent free. Find your holistic solution, with Marks Organix Maine patients receive the right plants for the place.

Mark’s relationship with plants has always been a close one, his knack for cultivating and curating beautiful gardens and landscapes evident from a young age. His green thumb was put to use early in his life, which eventually led to his first entrepreneurial pursuit: Marks Organic Landscaping, a Maine landscaping service. All the while Mark wanted to cultivate for a cause, as many in Maine lost their quality of their life to pharmaceutical medications. He embarked in cannabis cultivation and utilized his years of experience to grow cannabis flowers. Although his long history of gardening experience helped, he still had much to learn and overcome when farming cannabis. Eventually, Mark fine-tuned his approach and learned how to yield potent, chemical-free cannabis, cultivated with sustainable methods. He expanded his capabilities with cannabis extraction by adding distillate to his skill set and crafting infused edibles for a smoke-free medical cannabis option. Today, Mark is overjoyed to serve the Maine medical cannabis community through Marks Organix, delivering safe, effective, and holistic treatments. 

Mark will tell ya --it’s 110% organic. Mark has an affinity for doing things the right way and sees that commitment through in every aspect of his cannabusiness. From soil to oil, or flowers alike, Marks Organix delivers one hundred (and ten!)(and ! percent organic cannabis products. He sources his seeds from local breeders and seed banks with stable genetics. Mark then sews them into nutrient-rich soil with an ecosystem entirely of its own. Marks Organix soil maintains a healthy relationship between fungi and bacteria, and these microorganisms break down nutrients allowing it to feed his flowers with abundance. No pesticides here! Mark instead employs a natural solution by planting his plants alongside one another for biological pest control. Uncut concentrate Marks Organix’ edibles are infused with active cannabis distillate that makes for evenly dosed edibles.Thanks to his unwavering commitment to organic solutions, Marks Organix utilizes solventless extraction to craft their distillate oil. That uncut concentrate is then blended into this line of edibles and topicals to deliver potent, all-natural relief.   

Marks Organix is pleased to offer Maine lab-tested medical cannabis products provided by ProVerde Laboratories. Their cannabis products undergo testing for present cannabinoids and their percentages, terpene profiles, salmonella, mold, and mildew. Marks Organix is committed to the safety of their products and strives to deliver the best quality cannabis to Maine patients.