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MedCare Farms

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MedCare Farms provides premium cannabis flowers cultivated with a combination of passion and meticulous craftsmanship formed by years of experience. Their flowers are a cut above and provide a consistent experience upon which medicinal patients can rely. MedCare Farms was established by a husband and wife duo who have experienced the life-enhancing effects of medical cannabis firsthand. They have a personal affinity for all of the cannabis community. With MedCare Farms quality comes first, and their founders strive to provide boutique quality cannabis that boasts quality, not quantity. For high-end, craft cannabis flowers, MedCare Farms is your ticket to euphoria.   

For the founders of MedCare Farms, cannabis was their personal saving grace. As a Veteran, wife and co-founder of MedCare Farms found healing in medical cannabis. But in 2008, her husband, a real estate business owner at that time, got into a motorcycle accident that left him in need of pain management medication. During his treatment, he noticed the prescribed pharmaceuticals depleted the quality of his life and slowly changed who he was. He turned to medical cannabis as an alternative and immediately found the relief he was searching for without the cost of his happiness and personality. The two decided to focus their efforts on making cannabis available to as many in need as possible. The couple launched MedCare Farms in 2009, and have been happily serving the cannabis community ever since.

Every strain on the MedCare Farms menu has been vetted through multiple runs, fine-tuning the phenotype of the plant to provide the best version of each cultivar. They never stop evolving; as their team sees it, when the patient’s needs change, so should they. MedCare Farms strives to remain in step with the voice of the cannabis community.   

Cultivated with Passion Every bud is blanketed in resinous trichomes, but what you can’t see is the plant dripping with the love and devotion from MedCare Farms’ Master Growers. Passion goes into everything they cultivate, which is why they refuse to cut corners and make every effort for supreme quality. Their flowers are grown indoors in a clean facility without the use of any pesticides for maximum quality control. The MedCare Farms team cares for their cannabis with their own hands, hand-trimming each plant during harvest. They employ a slow dry-curing process, where their buds sit for a minimum of 28 days. From start to finish, each step of the cultivation process is carried out meticulously. When you toke on flowers from MedCare Farms you are smoking cannabis done right. 

To single out just one strain as a signature of MedCare Farms is an exercise in futility. They serve every niche and need of the cannabis community leaving each patient with their very own personal favorite or “signature strain.” Some notable cultivars include MedCare Farm’s Kimbo Kush KTO, an Indica-dominant strain with sweet berry and citrus terpene profile and effects that place you into a lulling daze with every toke. Who’s got the WiFi? MedCare Farms has all the connection you’ll ever need with their White Fire OG #33, a Sativa-dominant strain with a peppery flavor profile and effects that help you focus. Arouse your senses with a jolt of Sativa-dominant energy with MedCare Farms Super Lemon Haze flowers. These ladies deliver a tangy flavor with a medley of candy and lemon taste that dances across your taste buds with every inhale.  

MedCare holds the safety and purity of their cannabis products to the highest standards and tests their buds to ensure patients can trust their efforts. MedCare Farms is pleased to offer lab tested cannabis flowers provided by SC Labs. Their flowers are examined for their cannabinoid content, and undergo analysis for any detectable pesticides.