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Natures Lab Extracts

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Our Mission: Do it for the Lab.   

Nature's Lab Extracts is hardly your average extract company. They specialize in creating honest products, crafted from the highest quality ingredients and cutting edge techniques to bring quality medicine to patients in California. Prioritizing greatness, they strive to offer connoisseur grade cannabis goods to the discerning consumer that are ripe with flavor, highly potent, and consistently excellent. Nature's Lab Extracts offers a happy, satisfied dabbing experience. Every time.

While it didn’t start out with the name until later, Nature’s Lab Extracts began in the marijuana industry stretching back to 2008, where the founder transitioned from a background in mechanical engineering to cannabis extraction. Seeing the unsafe methods utilized back in the early days of concentrates, he knew their was a safer way to extract cannabis without the risk of blowing something up. Perfecting his BHO extraction methods, the founder began Nature’s Lab Extracts to share his creations with the marijuana world. Years later Nature’s Lab Extracts has grown an immense following, available in nearly 200 dispensaries throughout California and winning forty-five awards to date for their extractions. 

Nature’s Lab Extracts utilizes the same extraction methods that have worked since the beginning while continually innovating for better ways to create their products. Using BHO methods, they extract their live resin and Nug Run concentrates from their in-house grown cannabis, cultivating strains their patients want instead of random genetics. They’ve exacted the science of their extractions to offer 0 parts per million purity from their high-quality flowers, and their Spacewalker strain (a Skywalker OG backcross) and G13 (an OG cross) indicate their dedication to excellence.

A connoisseur's company, Nature’s Lab Extracts specializes in crafting Live Resins and Nug Run extractions; all pulled from organically cultivated and incredibly potent cannabis flower. Patients love their many strains, including their in-house Spacewalker, their Spacey, and their C-4. As they expand, Nature’s Lab Extracts plans on launching a vape pen line with unique terpene profiles down the line. 

Nature’s Lab Extracts proudly maintains zero parts per million contaminants in their extracts, and tests with Anresco Laboratories in San Francisco to verify their record. They test each batch for pesticides, residual solvents, bacteria, and potency. 

Nature’s Lab Extracts is proud to line the shelves of 160 stores throughout the state of California. Patients can find their products in San Francisco, Sacramento, Bakersfield, Orange County, Los Angeles, the Inland Empire and San Diego. Notable dispensaries include Green Wolf, Neighborhood Wellness Center and Harborside, and they collaborate with Cookies, Russian Assassin Boys, Nature’s Farm, DNA Genetics, Nameless Genetics and Bert Baccarat to create exciting unique cannabis products.