North Country Pharms

North Country Pharms

4.7 ★

For superior buds with exceptional flavor and potency, look no further than North Country Pharms. Their founder is dedicated to supplying high-end, boutique-quality marijuana flower to the California cannabis community. They are the north star of exotic and unique strain selections with a menu of marijuana that would entice any cannabis connoisseur. North Country Pharms engineers many of their own genetics, providing a stellar smoke experience that cannot be found anywhere else. Their team keeps a keen ear to the voice of their community, rotating strains the cannabis community wants most while keeping them on their toes with new cultivars. 

North County Pharms’ founder has been rooted in the cannabis industry for more than a decade, specializing in cultivation and genetic engineering. He entered the industry at a time when social acceptance was low, and stigmatization was high. The founder was persistent and saw the benefits of marijuana as unignorable. While operating Northstar Holistic Collective in Sacramento, he could not help but notice that patients could not get enough of his flowers. It was apparent that it was time to take his passion to the next level and put a brand name behind his buds. The result was North Country Pharms, a cannabusiness dedicated to cultivating premium strains of flower with terpene and cannabinoid profiles unlike any other. He proudly launched North Country Pharms in 2016, reintroducing the flowers that California knows and loves under a brand they can trust.  

North Country Pharms sources flower from their indoor cannabis garden and also procures strains from their network of grows throughout California. North Country Pharms only works with cultivators who employ the best practices. Each farm provides maximum quality control and cultivates without the use of pesticides. They grow with phenotype in mind, setting up each strain in the environment that nourishes the plant best. Then their flower is carefully harvested and cured to perfection -- ready to distribute.  

North Country Pharms offers a myriad of specially bred cannabis strains with unique terpene profiles and extraordinary potency. One strain to highlight is their Grape Jelly Donut flowers. These ladies have irresistible appearance and aromatics that will leave you grateful you tried them after the first toke. Her terpenes supply flavor that is true to her name with indulgently sweet jelly donut taste experienced in every inhale. North Country Pharms also offers Dosickeys a combination of Do Si Dos x Bickyeys Revenge. These exotic genetics present blissful euphoric effects and an invigorating lemon and pine terpene profile. Connect to your sweet side with a toke of North Country Pharms Birthday Zkittlez flowers. These ladies were the result of crossing Zkittles x Birthday Cake to create a cultivar with joy-inducing effects and sugary flavor. Excited to see more? To stay up-to-date with North Country Pharms’ latest releases and genetic masterpieces, simply follow them on Weedmaps.  

The North Country Pharms team is pleased to offer cannabis flowers that are lab tested by SC Labs. Their flower receives full-spectrum lab tests including potency, pesticides, terpene profiles, and mold.