Ohana Edibles

Ohana Edibles

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After witnessing several family members fight cancer, we made it our mission to develop great tasting, and vegan CBD food products that not only nourish cancer patients, but also benefit everyday people who want healthier alternatives to the sugar-filled and fatty edibles.

All our CBD products are safe, legal, and carefully monitored from production to distribution. They aid in fatigue recovery, provide a boost of energy, and are non-psychoactive. At Ohana Edibles, we use non-GMO, and quality-tested raw materials as well as utilize the gentlest approach for extracting high-quality CBD.

We treat every customer like ohana, which is why our edibles are all handmade with only the finest and cleanest ingredients. We want to preserve the biochemical integrity within the herb in order to create products that effectively heal bodies and sustain good health.

At Ohana Edibles, we offer nothing else but the best for family.