Paper Planes

Paper Planes

We started Paper Planes with a mindset that we would create a company around a culture of people, who truly cared about the medicine that they were producing and the people consuming it. This is the heritage that shapes who we are today.


Paper Planes Captain

The Root of Our Story

Prior to Paper Planes’ business formation, we had the opportunity to be acquainted to several cannabis farmers in the area and getting a first hand look at some of the world’s most renowned techniques in growing and extracting cannabis. However, most of the cannabis activities during the time were illegal and frowned upon by others in the community.

We wanted to take a closer look to understand their way of life and decided to partake in the legal cannabis industry.

What we realized was that these individuals were kind hearted, hard working, loyal people that performed honest to good business practices benefiting our planet and capitalistic ideals, and were essentially providing for their families.

Lessons from the Best in the Industry

We learned an incredible amount of knowledge from the “Weed Gods” such as mixing soil amendments, pruning leaves, trimming dried cannabis to constructing privacy fences and building greenhouses. We also learned how to grow some of the best organic cannabis in the world, a technique that is quickly diminishing due to the excess amount of plant growth regulators, synthesized nutrients, and hydroponics being marketed to everyday cannabis farmers.

Our Identity

As the new stoner stereotype emerged, we identified ourselves with them and realized thousands of others would as well. We created Paper Planes Extracts with the confidence that we would be a company of educated individuals advancing the stereotype of lazy, unsuccessful marijuana users and debunking ridiculous rumors about the cannabis industry.

We do this by providing our patients with the best organic cannabis in California and combining it with pioneered extraction techniques to give patients a dabbing, smoking, or vaping experience like nothing else! We are a brand that the “Weed Gods” can identify with, and a brand that states marijuana users as intelligent, educated, and productive members of society!

The Paper Planes Name

We got to know these cannabis professionals through many long days and late nights around trimming tables and smoking tri-factored joints, known as Paper Planes, that were wrapped with tobacco and hash in organic rolling paper. Smoking Paper Planes or using raw organic rolling paper to smoke your joints instead of glass pipes, bongs, or flavored cigar tobacco leaves provided a clean full flavor profile on the strain you were smoking. By using organic raw papers to smoke your cannabis, it made a statement that you were a conscious, clean, educated, and hip smoker in a community that was surrounded by undereducated and criminal behavior.

Paper Planes Extracts. Elevate your experience.™