Pristine Creations

Pristine Creations

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Flawless creations for your elation.

For a selection of impeccable concentrates choose Pristine Creations. Quality always comes before quantity, a value expressed in each product Pristine Creations provides. Michigan medical cannabis patients have access to premium shatter and distillate cartridges made with the most care and attention to detail. Transparency is paramount to the Pristine Creations team. Every product is lab tested and created with honesty and integrity. Dab, vape, and enjoy Pristine Creations extracts.  

The founder has been part of the cannabis industry since 2011 to follow his passion for helping people in need. Advancing his skills were always at the forefront of his efforts. Adding cannabis distillation to his wheelhouse was a challenge, but after several runs and tests he perfected his extraction technique. After years of mastering the art of cannabis extraction, he launched Pristine Creations in 2016. Since then he’s sought as many opportunities for compassion as possible, giving much of his products to patients in dire need. Today, Pristine Creations continues to champion premium cannabis concentrates providing the Michigan cannabis community what they deserve, the best. 

Pristine Creations partners with a master grower and longtime friend of the founder to source their flowers. There the flowers are afforded the best conditions and nurtured to reach their ideal genetic potential. Once the buds are harvested and cured, the founder works his magic. The most desirable parts of the plant are isolated, leaving pure flavor and effects. Pristine Creations’ oils are then lab tested, then encased in the finest cartridges and packaging for your relief and pleasure.   

Everything on the Pristine Creations menu is a high-quality heavy-hitter, but Michigan patients love their cartridges. Pristine Creations cartridges allow patients to take powerful concentrates wherever they go with discretion and ease. Folks have Banana Kush, Durban Poison, Blue Dream and many more premium cannabis oils to choose. Get your dabs on with one of Pristine Creations’ shatter extracts like Goji OG, Garden Mix Nug Run, and Golden Goat to name a few. No matter which Pristine Creation you bring home, the characteristics of the original strain will shine through with every drag or dab.   

Pristine Creations’ cannabis products are lab tested for cannabinoid content and residual solvents by Iron Laboratories.