Product of Los Angeles

Product of Los Angeles

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Product of Los Angeles, Producto De Los Angeles

Created by industry professionals , connoisseurs, and brand developers. Product of Los Angeles launched January of 2016. After 6 months of market research, sourcing of only the finest ingredients, and packaging we launched our first product- La Familia Chocolates.  

La Familia Chocolates  

Established June of 2016. La Familia Chocolates offers flavors that are more than just a chocolate type. Incorporating iconic Mexican desert and candies into our ingredients to deliver incomparable flavors that touch the heart of any Californian. Extending the authenticity of our culture and tradition to the cannabis industry.  

Agua De Flor  

First launched March of 2017. We recognized a gap in the industry that needed filling and what better filling than medicated aguas frescas. Anyone who lives in the great state of California is aware of taco stands who serve the amazing natural waters Horchata, Pina , and Fresa. Because aguas frescas are a staple of our culture we wanted to give aguas frescas a name Agua De Flor- “Water of the Flower”, and present the industry with a product its been craving.