Quality Concentrates

Quality Concentrates

4.2 ★

Overturning misrepresentation, one dab at a time.

Quality Concentrates proudly supplies the cannabis community with marijuana concentrates that exude purity, potency, and compliance. Quality is not just in the name, it can be experienced in every dab of their Shatter, Live Resin, or Crumble. With their state of the art extraction facilities, and top of the line hydrocarbon concentrates their company surpasses the standards of most extractors in California. Driven by being ahead of the curve Quality Concentrates welcomes new extraction regulation. They aim to ensure their cannabis extracts are well above current requirements, burying any stigmas attached to marijuana through sheer excellence.

Quality Concentrates sees marijuana as a key to solving many problems. Which is why their team was eager to take on creating clean, safe and potent marijuana extractions. The founder moved from Oklahoma to Colorado in 2013 to pursue a career in cannabis with his friend. As a new ganjapreneur, there were plenty of moments of trial and error during the initial phases of Quality Concentrates. Through the founder’s determination to craft the best extracts for patients and recreational users, he was able to persevere. The founder is stoked to see the tremendous camaraderie in marijuana, and sincerely appreciates being part of the “big crazy family” that makes the cannabis community.   

The extraction artists of Quality Concentrates utilizes hydrocarbon extraction and distillation to craft their premium cannabis concentrates. Quality Concentrates is proud to offer single sourced flowers, ensuring the utmost quality control from start to finish. Their cultivation partners have the highest growing standards, farming cannabis without the use of pesticides or PGR’s. From there, Quality Concentrates extractors take over, and the magic begins. Using only the finest flowers, they begin their extraction process to yield the best concentrates of the highest quality.  

Quality Concentrates is pleased to offer a wide variety of marijuana extractions with unique flavor profiles to the 710 community across California. Their Diamond XJ-13 Live Resin is a potent Shatter with a whopping 80% THC and incredible flavor. Quality Concentrates Critical Kush is another popular heavy hitter, and patients also love their Blue Glue. Whether shatter, crumble or live resin, Quality Concentrates delivers a wonderfully euphoric experience and clean high.

Quality Concentrates stands by their name with the lab results to prove it. They are proud to offer lab tested cannabis products, courtesy of SC Labs and Cannasafe. Quality Concentrates receives full-spectrum lab testing, analyzing potency and terpenes while making sure their products are without harmful residual solvents.