Quality Resources

Quality Resources

4.9 ★

Quality Resources keeps the preferences of the cannabis community at the forefront of all they do. Based in Southern California, their mission is to provide the highest quality cannabis oils at the lowest possible prices. Quality Resources vape cartridges are stringently formulated and they are excited to introduce their line of cannabis oil and full-gram joints. The difference in Quality Resources concentrates lies in the material and the meticulous extraction procedures used to process oils. Patients and 710 enthusiasts can rely on Quality Resources thanks to their refined chromatography process, yielding consistent extractions every time. 

Quality Resources was developed as a response to a lack of consistency in the cannabis market. The founder had the vision of creating a brand that would become the cannabis community’s resource for premium vape cartridges. Quality Resources knew they wanted a product line that was attainable and enjoyable for everyone. This meant two things: they needed to be affordable, and they needed a wide strain variety. The founder got to work partnering with extraction artists, and laboratory experts to create the quality oil patient's dream of. Getting people and shops to try their product was tricky, but once they did, there were only good things to say about their oil. The overwhelmingly positive feedback gave them the green light. In the summer of 2017, Quality Resources officially launched their brand and debuted their vape cartridges to the cannabis community. Today, they are pleased to bring an elevated standard in cannabis products and aim to be your resource to relief and euphoria.  

The Quality Resources' laboratory is the hallmark of their uniqueness as a cannabis brand. Every aspect of their process is thoughtfully structured, and any oil that does not meet their standards is run again or not used. They begin with lab-tested, premium nugs then run them through their closed loop, hydrocarbon system. Their laboratory logs every step. Finished products are sent out for lab testing and are tested in-house as well. With every run, the same procedure is repeated, resulting in consistent oils every time.

Quality Resources has the perfect vape cartridge for every member of the 710 community from newbies to seasoned stoners. Cannabis connoisseurs love Quality Resources OG cartridges, which deliver earthy notes of the classic OG flavor. Their Gorilla Glue #4 cartridge awards an amazing body high with a flavor profile displaying notes of pine and fuel. As for their ACDC, you can expect to enjoy a sweet cherry taste with wood and pine notes. No matter what cartridge you choose, Quality Resources is your ticket to euphoric bliss. Quality Resources is also pleased to introduce a collection of flower genetics that packs a punch with every hit. The QR team cares for the product from seed to sale to ensure each cultivar is carefully cared for and nurtured to retain maximum terpenes and potency. 

When vaping with a Quality Resources cartridge, you are experiencing an oil that meets Olympic standards (okay, figuratively... But you get the point). Their starting material is lab tested, then the final product is tested in-house and also sent to SC Labs for outside testing. Those results are compared to ensure there aren’t any discrepancies. Quality Resources oils are analyzed for potency, terpenes, residual solvents, and the starting material is tested for potency, pesticides, and microbes. Experience quality cannabis oil, with the lab results to back it.