Savage Woods

Savage Woods

5 ★

Wonderfully Potent, Ferociously Pure

Savage Woods is not your average preroll; these are premium cannabis flowers flawlessly situated into a Backwoods wrap. These savagely decadent prerolls have mastered the element of surprise, with a SavageWood you never know what flavor wrap you’re gonna get. Staying connected to the marijuana community is part of the Savage Woods process. Their founder loves to host patient appreciation days and loves feedback even more. The owner takes the time to learn the opinions and preferences of their customers, and take patient needs into consideration through everything they do. Savage Woods is proud to present their line of flowers and shatter rolled with care into the perfect blunt.

The founder of Savage Woods has over ten years of experience in the marijuana industry, and earned his start at a collective in Long Beach, California. His father was part of the cannabis industry, and the founder was connected serendipitously. One day while at a dispensary, his dad told him, “If you see the owner, ask him for a job.” He took his father’s advice and left the shop as a budtender. He has been plugged into the industry ever since, marijuana paving a way towards his niche. The marijuana industry took him all over the state, and with his travels he absorbed the knowledge and skills of cannabis cultivation. After acquiring skills in over two dozen dispensaries, he started his own and began selling the early phases of Savage Woods. Unlabeled, and without shatter, Savage Woods prerolls made waves in his shop and among friends. As time passed, his product developed, and Savage Woods was born. Today, Savage Woods is proud to grace shop menus everywhere with their premium flowers and shatter, rolled into a Backwoods blunt. 

Savage Woods’ diverse menu is crafted from two factors, wraps and strains. Savage Woods offers three types of prerolls in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains. Their blunts are rolled by hand, ensuring the utmost quality and attention to detail. Savage Woods work with OG Kush, King Louis, Paris OG, and Gorilla Glue strains and several Backwoods flavors to craft their blunts. Their rollers start one Backwoods flavor at a time and move through box by box, flavor by flavor, rolling each Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid blend into a different flavored Backwoods blunt. 

By the way, SavageWoods take the whole container. They offer their high-quality prerolls in savage portions, pop open the joint container to reveal a thick blunt, densely packed into a Backwoods wrap. Toke mindfully, these bad boys are potent, packing resinous flowers and potent shatter in every blunt. SavageWood Hybrid exhibits the best of both worlds, presenting a blend of top-notch hybrid flowers with evenly balanced effects. Their SavageWood Indica is a body-heavy, relaxing blunt, ideal to spark-up after a long day. Light up the night with SavageWood Sativa, an energizing and invigorating blend of Sativa marijuana with cerebral effects.

Savage Woods lab tests their medical cannabis products to safeguard their patients against any unwanted material in their products. Savage Woods proudly offer prerolls that are lab tested and analyzed by SC Labs, ensuring accurate potency and utmost purity.