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Seven Star

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We are Seven Star and we are here to represent a new standard within the marijuana industry. Our primary focus is bringing Canadians top quality Cannabis Concentrates, Craft Cannabis Flowers, Topical Marijuana Products, CBD Isolates, THC Distillates and a wide range of premium Edibles. With a mind altering diversity of high quality cannabis products, an easy to use Mail Order Delivery option and an accomodating customer support that reflects our compassion and dedication to cannabis medicine.  

From the beautiful mountain tops of British Columbia (home of world famous BC BUD) the Seven Star team is working day and night to cultivate and extract top shelf marijuana strains transforming them into your favorite Shatters, Budders, Oils and Distillates.  It is our pleasure to provide our customers with a mouthwatering strain diversity. Our home has one of the highest concentrations of Marijuana Growers in all of Western Canada and for this reason we challenge you to find a brand with access to as many rare and potent strains as we do. We are here to provide Canadians with an affordable and natural alternative to mainstream pharmaceutical medicine. We intend to do so by offering straightforward methods of ordering the highest quality medicinal grade products right to our customer's doorsteps.  

What sets Seven Star apart from other medicinal dispensaries?  Our exceptional variety of product options, ranging anywhere from quality cannabis extracts (including Shatter, Budder, and Oil) to Topical Products, Non-Psychoactive options (CBD Isolate, CBD/MCT Tinctures), Flowers (Buds), Edibles (Tinctures, Gummies, Chocolates, Teas), and more. We are committed to being on the leading edge of Cannabis Medicine by making the newest advancements in the field available to each of our customers such as THC Distillates and CBD Isolates.  

Seven Star is determined to bring change to the Medical Marijuana Industry. Dispensary standard pricing for extracts and isolates have been pushing these medicines out of the reach of average income households, and by doing so have set restrictions on who may or may not attain a natural means to treat their health conditions. We believe that the option to use natural medicines must become available to everyone regardless of their financial standing, or social class.