The founder of Slump sees a purpose in medical cannabis and makes every effort to support and be part of the marijuana community. Slump Wax is deeply entrenched in their extended communities and hosts the annual Skate and Sesh; a yearly, gnarly get together of stoners who skate. However it doesn’t stop there, Slump Wax advocates and represents a lifestyle; one that includes hip-hop, skate culture, and street art. Slump Wax works to bring the best, top quality medical cannabis products to their beloved clients and customers. 

Slump Wax began in February of 2016 and has seen an enormous amount of growth as well as a resounding response from their customers. The founder took a chance and separated from a previous well known cannabis company he worked diligently with. Having over a decade of experience with marijuana he used his diverse knowledge to launch Slump Wax. He believes in the medical benefits that marijuana has to offer, and has strongly believes that the pharmaceutical industry is not improving people’s well-being. Since Slump's beginning, the founder is proud to see the support and enthusiasm for their concentrates and is eager to see more of their products carried in dispensaries across California. 

Slump Wax works closely with their growers to ensure quality wax products extracted from top-notch flowers. They are connected to a variety of growers, collective operations and is embarking on an in-house marijuana farm. Their extraction methods remain a Slump Wax secret family recipe. But whatever they’re doing they must be doing right as their concentrates continue to win Cannabis Cup Competitions. 

Slump Wax is the concentrate specialist and is expanding their catalog to edibles, introducing Slump Juice a powerfully potent THC-infused syrup. Some of Slump Wax’s most popular products is Gorilla Glue #4 Nug Run Shatter, a Sativa dominant concentrate that offers up a pleasant body high. Another favorite is Stardawg Live Resin Nug Run Shatter which is very Sativa dominant coming in at 90% on the Sativa side. 

710 enthusiasts can rest assured, all of Slump Wax’s sugars, shatters and crumble are lab tested. All of Slump Wax’s products are tested through SC Labs to analyze terpenes, THC percentage, check for pesticides and profile the cannabinoid. Slump Wax is committed to providing the cannabis community clean and reliable wax and edibles. 

Slump Wax’s rad selection of concentrates can be found in marijuana dispensaries across California. Chiefly, in The Kind Center in Hollywood and Green Valley Collective in North Hollywood. Patients in other Los Angeles areas can find Slump Wax’s concentrates at California Herbal Remedies (CHR), and Ventura County patients can pick up Slump Wax from Tree Factory in Oxnard. San Luis Obispo medical marijuana patients can find Slump Wax at Diamond Cannabis Direct.