Stonecold Sweets

Stonecold Sweets

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Make Every Day Sweet "The munchies that give you the munchies"

Have you ever had an edible that you didn't enjoy? Was it too "weedy" tasting, causing you to choke it down with a glass of milk? Or did it taste okay but had no kick? We've had those too, unfortunately. As patients ourselves, we were always looking for delicious cannabis-infused treats that were also potent. We looked HIGH and low and when we couldn't find the perfect edible, we gathered our favorite recipes, turned on the oven and went to work. 

What we found was a total surprise... a love for baking with cannabis!

And that's how The Stonecold Sweets Family began.

We are proud to announce the arrival of our decadent treats ~ scrumptuous chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip brownies, classic rice crispy treats and much more. Each treat is made with pure, infused coconut oil and fresh ingredients from our local markets. We handcraft each piece and add LOTS of love in the process.