Sugar Stoned

Sugar Stoned

4.5 ★

Getting stoned never tasted so sweet. Sugar, herb, and everything nice come in every bite of Sugar Stoned’s line of premium cannabis-infused candies. Although these candies look sweet and innocent, don’t be fooled by the fantastic taste and sugary exterior. Sugar Stoned’s line of one-of-a-kind treats deliver the powerful effects of THC all without the taste of weed. Eat mindfully — each candy is dosed accurately and pack as much as 500 mg of active THC per package. For cannabis-infused gummies, sour belts, and cookies crafted with the most care and attention to detail, Sugar Stoned has you covered.  

How did Sugar Stoned get so sweet? Well, it’s kind of a funny story. Sugar Stoned is the perfect example of how cannabis education can transform options, beliefs, and lives. If you had talked to the Sugar Stoned founder years ago, you’d be shocked to find she was not a cannabis advocate. However, once she witnessed the tremendous benefits the plant provides, she had a change of heart and career.   She worked at a medical marijuana dispensary as a budtender where she learned first hand how cannabis was improving patient's quality of life. After expanding her career in the industry, the less bright side of being in a cannabusiness showed itself. Many manufacturers were not using best practices and releasing products that were not up to par in quality. She chose to make a difference. She made yet another change and set out to create a cannabis brand of her own. The result was Sugar Stoned, and in April 2017 she launched her brand, unveiling her line of sweet and powerful cannabis-infused candy.   

Sugar Stoned takes the safety of their products to heart. The team begins with premium cannabis flowers then extracts those buds until only the plant’s most desirable components are left. Once their pure, high-quality shatter is created, Sugar Stoned infuses each of their treats to the proper dosage. With infusion, each candy has an even amount of active THC — Sugar Stoned never sprays or coats any of their edibles. Those products are then sent to a cannabis dispensary for your pleasure and enjoyment.   

Prepare yourself for an adventure of sugary cannabis treats — Sugar Stoned offers cannabis-infused candies that are nothing short of delicious and adorable. Sugar Stoned marijuana belts come in four flavors: Enchanted Apple, Dino Berry, Strawberry Dreams, and Unicorn Treats. And the goodness doesn’t stop there — Juicy Gems take edibles to a new high.   

Juicy Gems are filled with infused juice that sends an explosion of flavor the moment you bite into the gummy, offered in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid varieties. Get baked with Sugar Stoned cookies. These confections come in Mint Fudge, Caramel Fudge, and Peanut Butter. No matter which Sugar Stoned edibles you choose in your cannabis journey, phenomenal flavor and premium quality are guaranteed.   

Sugar Stoned takes the safety and efficacy of their products to heart and are pleased to offer lab tested edibles provided by SC Pharma.