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Craft Cannabis Gummies

TasteBudz is an in-house, small batch cannabis infused edible gummies company based in Colorado. In spite of being so sweet, TasteBudz does not sugarcoat their marijuana gummies. Their fruity, chewy edibles have marijuana-infused into the recipe, not sprayed over the top of them. This means each gummy is accurately and consistently dosed and the only thing patients and recreational users taste are the delicious fruit flavors. TasteBudz has each of their flavors available in Indica, Sativa, CBD options. No matter what your needs are as a patient or recreational enthusiast, TasteBudz has the gummies for a pleasant, euphoric high.

TasteBudz began on January of 2017 after four years in the industry as a cannabis courier. The goal was to explore the mostly untouched marijuana industry further and bring high-quality edibles to the Colorado cannabis community. There were plenty of kinks in the process of making TasteBudz a reality. Figuring out gelatin molds with the correct stamps while navigating through the scrutiny of compliance was a challenge. Even after seven other cannabusinesses received approval before TasteBudz was even considered, the founders were unshaken. Determined to bring their vision to market, they were finally able to launch, and the public loved them. Their in-house, no post-processing, marijuana gummies struck a chord with the marijuana community in Colorado, and TasteBudz aims to take their relieving treats to other legal states, as well.

Every flavorful chew of relief is made in-house in small, craft sized batches. TasteBudz chefs use pure CO2 oil that is never below 70% THC. Also, TasteBuds are anti-greasy bag. Every gummy is infused with the same amount of cannabis each time, not sprayed over the top of pre-made candy. Quality is found in TasteBudz gummies, down to the last detail. They import their gelatin from Argentina, and make their cannabis infused gummies with pure cane sugar. TasteBudz wanted to create a marijuana edible that held the nostalgia of classic gummy bears, ensuring the patient experiences the wonderful fruit flavors without any harsh taste.

TasteBudz labels say what they are and are what they say. TasteBudz marijuana gummies are not made from hybrid leaning cannabis, patients receive true Indica and Sativa edibles when enjoying their canna-gummies. Their line of gummies come in four delicious flavors; Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Tropical Punch, and Kiwi Strawberry. These flavors are available in Indica and Sativa, and each bottle contains a total of 100mg of THC.

TasteBudz is dedicated to supplying patients and recreational marijuana enthusiasts with the best cannabis infused gummies, which is achieved through their high-quality ingredients and ensured through lab testing. TasteBudz lab tests their marijuana gummies through PhytaTech for potency, microbial contamination, and homogeneity.