4.9 ★

California Crafted Cannabis Concentrates

Terpure is based Northern California, and crafts premium cannabis concentrates available in a variety of options to meet every 420 enthusiasts needs. Their line of shatter, crumble, and sauces are the finest nugrun extractions made by experienced concentrate artists. For clean and pure concentrates that are bold in flavor and potency, Terpure is the cannabrand for you.

Thanks to Terpure, the cannabis community experiences quality from start to finish. Terpure’s premium concentrates are presented in beautiful packaging, and their sauces display terpene fueled aromatics the moment you twist the lid off of the glass container. Terpure is proud to be the creator of superior oil, providing nature’s gold through a combination of high terpenes and THC. 

For a smooth, full-bodied extract overflowing with the natural aroma and flavor from the original plant scoop a dab of Terpure’s sauce concentrates. Their sauce is made from flowers with the highest terpene levels to create flavorful dabs with a delicate saucy consistency. Their crumble is premium, pure whipped cannabis with a creamy texture, smooth flavor, and potent, long-lasting effects. Add a boost of potency and flavor by sprinkling Terpure’s crumble on a bowl or in a blunt. Terpure’s PHO Shatter is crafted using a special medical grade propane, capable of purging at room temperature. The results bring cleaner, purer, and wonderfully flavorful dabs. These translucent, golden, slabs are amazingly smooth and deliver bold flavor profiles.