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Unlocking nature's cure

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The Green Vault likes to think of their collective as an ever improving and ever-evolving organism. The Green Vault shies away from claiming to be “the best,” and grows with new and exciting innovations in cannabis as they emerge. For their team, the work is never done, and there is always room for improvement and innovation. The Green Vault is dedicated to unlocking nature’s cure through their line of cannabis products including flowers, prerolls, and concentrates.   

The Green Vault is headed by a husband and wife team with a vision of starting a business that brings them fulfillment and brings healing to their community. Their goal is to make positive changes in Washington and help improve the sentiment surrounding medical cannabis. Before becoming the cannabusiness they are today, The Green Vault was a small grow with one row of lights and few strains. Now. They’ve set their sights on California, with hopes of bringing their premium cannabis products to shops in other legal states. 

In a small town 25 minutes south of Olympia resides the state-of-the-art cannabis gardens of The Green Vault. “Don’t be lazy. Don’t be complacent,” says David, founder of The Green Vault when asked about his cultivation methods. Nothing in their grow is automated, their flowers receive care from human hands from trimming to watering. Their unique and exotic strain selection is mainly sourced from their secret stash and deliver potent and resinous yields. The Green Vault is pleased to supply Washington with premium cannabis flowers, edibles, and extractions. 

Step into The Green Vault and experience a menu of cannabis unlike any other. Their extensive selection of exotic, premium quality flowers delivers potent, all-natural euphoria in every toke. XXX flowers have a dizzying effect and deliver a soothing body high. The Green Vault’s Alien Tarantula comes from a cross of parent strains Alien Technology x Tarantula. This powerfully potent strain exudes an earthy, kush taste that resonates on the tongue after smoking.  Let pain meet its match with Intimidator OG, a genetic cross between High Octane OG x White Nightmare. This sedative strain captures the body with couch-locking relaxation and profound euphoria. Looking for items that are ready to spark up? Check out The Green Vault’s selection of prerolls available in Wounded Warriors, Pennywise, Northern Lights Haze, and Gator Kush strains. The 710 community is welcome, too! The Green Vault offers extractions as well, including their Dutch Treat Oil and Charlotte’s Web Shatter. Once you step inside The Green Vault, you’re sure to find the perfect product to meet your wellness needs.   

The Green Vault is committed to supplying the Washington Cannabis community with safe, lab-tested medical cannabis flowers and extractions. Their products are lab tested by True Northwest who run full spectrum analysis including purity and potency.