The Pat Pen

The Pat Pen

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“Puff on Pat"

The Pat Pen is Colorado’s source for honest, pure, and compassionately priced cannabis extractions and topicals. The Pat Pen’s mission is to provide the highest quality CO2-extracted cannabis oils and have a team of extraction artists that work daily to craft consistent and effective products. The cannabis community means the world to The Pat Pen team, all of whom are  inspired by the voices of marijuana advocates everywhere. Cannabis is one of the greatest healing plants in the world and The Pat Pen team derives passion and drive from the opportunity to make a difference in the marijuana industry. Puff on Pat, and see where premium CO2 concentrates will take you.  

Pat Leonard had always felt cannabis should be legal and sees it as much less harmful than other legal products that are even easier to access. Randy Russell shared the same sentiment and entered the industry to bring the healing power of cannabis to those in need. The two partnered to create cannabis products they could stand behind. The result was The Pat Pen, and in November 2015, Pat and Randy were pleased to debut their cannabis creations to the Colorado community.   

The Pat Pen’s early days were filled with excitement. Answering the call to create cannabis oils that surpassed what was currently on the market was a challenge, but seeing distillate jars and cartridges on dispensary shelves was indescribably rewarding for the founders. As The Pat Pen grew, Randy and Pat were met with the challenge to keep up with demand. And even though the brand increased in size, the pair’s commitment to quality and fair pricing was unwavering. Today, The Pat Pen continues to serve Colorado's cannabis community proudly. The team envisions someday reaching folks outside Colorado, providing premium oils to patients and advocates throughout the United States.  

The Pat Pen’s team begins with responsibly cultivated cannabis trim and flowers from an in-house garden and network of trusted collectives. Those buds undergo CO2 extraction, which produces clean, pure, and clear cannabis oils. The Pat Pen extraction artists apply many different parameters to their extraction process and utilize a refinement method that results in concentrates unlike any other. From beginning to end, The Pat Pen team delivers quality and purity with each product.  

Heat up the banger and enjoy cannabis distillate at it’s finest with a jar of The Pat Pen’s Distillate Jars in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid options that allow you to achieve the high you desire. For a more versatile option, get The Pat Pen’s Pure Cannabis Oil, same premium distillate in an easy-to-dose syringe.   

Take relief and euphoria on the go with The Pat Pen vape cartridges, filled with high-quality CO2 oils in Hybrid, Sativa, Indica, and  1:1  CBD:THC options. Don’t forget to get a Pat Pen Battery Pack to go with your high-quality oil. The Pat Pen offers a convenient and discreet case complete with battery and USB charger. The Pat Pen has you covered for all your cannabis vaping needs.   

Apply the benefits of cannabis directly to your skin. The Pat Pen is pleased to offer Honestly Herbals THC Pain Stick. This all-natural solution is rich in vitamins and omega acids and delivers non-psychoactive pain relief. Simply apply directly to the area in pain and let the powerful cannabinoids do what they do best. Nourish your lips with The Pat Pen’s Honestly Herbals THC Healing Lips. Each little tube carries big benefits. This lip balm acts as an antiviral delivering relief from cold sores and blisters with vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, D, and F plus Omega 3, 6, and 9.  

The Pat Pen is pleased to offer lab-tested cannabis products tested by Gobi Analytical. Each product is screened for microbes, potency, and residual solvents.