Thompson Caribou Concentrates

Thompson Caribou Concentrates

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Closing the gap between quality and affordability Thompson Caribou Concentrates creates quality extracts Canadian patients can trust. They are concentrate forward and want more of Canada to joint the squad. Their mission is to remain affordable while providing high quality concentrates, terpenes, and much more. Thompson Caribou has an extraction game like no other. Their terpene selection will send patients’ head spinning, and they can top it off with a lit bath of swirling colors using Thompson Caribou’s THC and CBD Bath bombs. 

Thompson Caribou Concentrates was formed by two lifelong friends that wanted to fulfill the vision of crafting quality marijuana extracts at an affordable rate. As cannabis patients themselves they noticed the disparity between affordable marijuana and good quality products. Thompson Caribou Concentrates was forged to close the gap, providing quality medication that is fairly priced. Canadian’s must have liked reasonably priced medical cannabis because Thompson Caribou Concentrates is now recognized across the country as the leader in marijuana extraction. 

Thompson Caribou Concentrates combines their years of experience in gardening with the synergistic discoveries emerging in medical cannabis technology. Their staff is dedicated to their work, crafting and cultivating quality medical marijuana products. And they do so with joy and without complaint. The Thompson Caribou Concentrates team share the same mission of high-quality cannabis at a low price. 

Thompson Caribou is a honey heaven, offering high-quality Shatter, Budder, Rosin, Clear Distillate, Syrup, and Terps. Shatterboo Clear is a THC distillate, or patients can glance through their rosin archive. For those who tend to squad up for a sesh, check out Thompson Caribou’s Squad Father Rosin. Squad Father OG is an Indica with dreamy effects and a flavor profile that's earthy with sweet and floral notes. Their collection of CBD products is available in every format, even in artisan soaps and bath bombs. But for maximum results and potent effects, patients have the option of their 99% CBD Isolate. Never fear, Thompson Caribou also offers tinctures and edibles; their menu offers the full spectrum of marijuana formats and then some. Thompson Caribou Concentrates offers accessories for the diehard patients out there who want a wooden decal or pendant necklace to show their love. Long time or first time marijuana patients can find what they're looking for at Thompson Caribou Concentrates.