Tree Kernels Gourmet Edibles

Tree Kernels Gourmet Edibles

Tree Kernels ascends beyond desserts to revolutionize the world of infused cannabis foods. Inside their state-of-the-art kitchen, Tree Kernels whips up flavored popcorns, trail mix, and other health-centric snacks designed to provide lasting, effective cannabis healing. They care about their patients and go the extra mile to use nothing but the finest ingredients, cleanest materials, and most medicinal marijuana extracts to craft discreet and efficient medicine. Tree Kernels sows the seeds for a new era of healthy edibles, one kernel and one patient at a time.

Tree Kernels was established in the same season as many plants -- early spring. The founder spent many years working with edibles and perfecting both recipes and formulations to find a consistently effective and beloved infused medicine. Scratching his head for ideas, he decided to honor his grandmother’s legacy and use her decades-old recipes for popcorn, trail mix, and other delicious snacks. The founder started selling her recipes at the local farmer's market, where he serendipitously met a cannabis extractor who insisted his food was so good, he needed to infuse. In 2017, Tree Kernels was born to offer a great tasting, discreet way for health-conscious patients to enjoy the medicine they need to live an improved quality of life.

The Tree Kernels team searched far and wide to find the perfect distillate suppliers and commercial kitchen team to create their edibles line. Professionalism is essential, and Tree Kernels’ founder refused to settle for anything but the highest standards of production. Every product is designed from scratch, as Tree Kernels buys nothing except their ingredients. Their team crafts their own caramels, syrups, and seasonings, all infused with their premium-grade cannabis distillate sourced from Purestar Labs. With their proprietary infusion methods, Tree Kernels’ team is slowly expanding their edible offerings to suit a wide variety of patients’ cannabis and dietary needs.

Tree Kernels specializes in what they call munchie edibles, with popcorn, trail mix, pretzels, and much more among their infused offerings. Its flagship food is Caramel Corn, crafted from the founder’s grandmother’s recipe that’s delighted crowds since the 1940s. Tree Kernels also offers Cheddar Corn and Guadalajara to delight those with more of a savory tooth. Its sweet and raw Trail Mix options are the ideal choices for a morning hike or nighttime snack. One of their latest products, their Caramelized Medicated Bacon won third place at Friday Night Sesh’s edibles competition in Los Angeles. Tree Kernels is excited to expand its snack collection into vegan-friendly and high-CBD territories as they grow. Everything Tree Kernels creates is made in service and gratitude of its patients.

Patients can safely rely on Tree Kernels’ delectable treats for top-quality and consistent, reliable relief. Its kitchen tests with SC Labs and other California facilities to confirm their products potency, cannabinoid profiles, and lack of pesticides and solvents.