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weeDeliver207 is a Cannabis Gift & Medical Marijuana Delivery Service. weeDeliver207 consistently cultivates high-quality marijuana products and emphasizes the importance of customer satisfaction. They began as caregivers and grew into a service that delivers cannabis to medical patients who do not have access to a dispensary. The weeDeliver207 delivery team abides by Ballot Question 2 and takes pride in the quality of their products and customer service.     

weeDeliver207 is stocked with the finest marijuana products and rotates their inventory to keep menu items fresh. Their inventory of cultivars includes Blue Dream, Silver Kush, and Trainwreck, among others. The weeDeliver207 extraction artists produce distillate vape cartridges and Rick Simpson Oil to deliver more concentrated relief. Curb the case of the munchies with an assortment of marijuana-infused baked goods and gummies. Patients can also pick up Cannabutter and infuse their treats. weeDeliver207 offers designer glass from Boro and vape batteries for a smooth toking experience.    

weeDeliver207 discreetly delivers premium marijuana products and offers Maine patients a dispensary experience right in the comfort of their living room. The delivery team is committed to the network of medical marijuana patients and tailors deliveries to meet the needs of their clients. weeDeliver207 aids patients with cancer, pain, and other severe issues and can recommend cannabis solutions tailored to their situation.    

weeDeliver207 accepts all forms of payment including PayPal and all major debit/credit cards. Upon delivery, a weeDeliver207 driver can split the transaction between cash and cards. Order online and sign up for their rewards program to earn points. York patients will earn points with every purchase and can also earn points from referrals and by sharing their experience on Weedmaps. Stay in touch with the latest deals and follow weeDeliver207 on Weedmaps. To get in touch with customer support for delivery ETAs and receipts, connect with the team by phone and email or via Facebook and Instagram.     

weeDeliver207 provides safe access to dispensary quality cannabis products to medical marijuana patients in York, Seabury, Kittery, New Castle, and Portsmouth. Drivers will also travel to Beech Ridge, Portland, Gray, and Rochester and extend their services as far north as Auburn and Waterville.     

York is located near the southern tip of Maine and is one of the oldest cities in the country. Like many of Maine’s small towns, this summer resort city is recognized for fantastic beaches and historical attractions like the Strawberry Banke Museum. Long Sands Beach offers breathtaking views and home to the Nubble Lighthouse of York Maine. Make a reservation at 1637 and Ships Cellar Pub and enjoy entrees prepared by top Maine chefs featuring Maine’s signature crustacean: Lobster.