Weedies Cereal

Weedies Cereal

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Load a Bowl. Weedies offers a breakfast cereal that brings a new meaning to starting the day on a high note. With a delicious range of flavors, delightful cannabis-shaped bites and a potency to match, Weedies Cereals offers consumers the ideal novelty edible. Perfect for those who love weed and those who love cereal, Weedies marries breakfast and cannabis like never before. 

Weedies became a reality in early 2015, steadily growing to become a beloved novelty edible for cannabis connoisseurs across southern California. The founder of Weedies got started in edibles after years working in smoke shops, and he wanted to create a brand patients could recognize more than simply a product. Brainstorming, the founder realized that the Venn Diagram of people who loved cannabis and people who loved cereal was nearly a circle, and immediately set to work patenting the name and creating the recipes. After much trial and error, Weedies began offering the perfect dosages in a range of tasty flavors, and today their cereal lines the shelves of dispensaries and proudly stands on display at cannabis events across the country. 

Weedies Cereal is a product entirely in its own league, with a range of tasty flavors entirely their own. Weedies infuses premium THC distillate oil by Clear Kings, performing all extractions in their state-of-the-art commercial kitchen from flowers grown by local farmers. Baking this concentrated medicine into their cereal, Weedies offers patient favorites including Banana Kush, Snoop Dogg Kush Balls, Strawberry Kush, and Moon Rock. Weedies are always homemade from scratch with the utmost love, care, and attention to detail. Lab 

Weedies Cereals are always thoroughly lab tested for potency and contaminants by industry leader SC Labs, confirming the percentages of THC and CBD in their oils to offer consistent and correct dosing throughout their marijuana products.